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How Does Background Music And Sound Effect Affect Movies?

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Wicky Kit

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of How Does Background Music And Sound Effect Affect Movies?

How Does Background Music And Sound Effect Affect Movies?
Background Music
~Soundscape passive listening

~Audience cannot be called as background music
Sound Effect

~Created or enhanced sounds

~Sound recorded

~Presented to make a specific storytelling

~To be creative point without use of dialogue or music
Sound Effects and Their Functions
-To simulate reality
-Add or create something off scene that is not really there
-Help the director create a mood.
Music vs. Silence: 5 Simple Rules for a Better Film
1. The Musical Sweetener
2. Silence in Context
3. The Rule of Montages
4. Sound Design as Silence
5. The Emotional Narrative
Simulating Reality

-Something small
-Distinctive to the extremely complex creation
-The reality that sound creates is so compelling

Adding or Creating Something That Is Not Really There

-Soundtracks or add sounds not easily as ambient noise
-The sounds can be added to a film using different sound effects

Creating a Mood

-Setting the mood
sound can introduce important elements of the plot
-Intentionally confuse or mislead audiences

1.The Musical Sweetener

~To enhance the way an audience will perceive certain scenes
-Provide boosts of emotion
-Create unique implication
-Overtly contrast with the tome of the visual image
2.Silence in Context

~Perceived Silence

~You may still hear the background noises like wind, light bulbs buzzing and etc.

~overall the scene will be silent

~these ‘silent’ moments give the audience time to breathe or sink into the picture
3.The Rule of Montages

~Deeply ingrained in pop culture
~Allows the story to progress an indefinite amount of time
~ Music is often the only constant

4.Sound Design as Silence

~Perceived silence idea
~Creating a personality space to influences the viewer

5.The Emotional Narrative

~Two theme throughout the scenes of the film
~Natural consequence of our brain’s associative abilities

How music affects a scene
How Music can Change a Film
Role of Sound Music and Sound Effect in the Film Industry

~Powerful guide to what is happening on the screen

~Create interesting sound that fit the scenes in a film

~Music has a profound effect on our emotion

The clips were shown to 202 undergraduates, 25 of whom were later disqualified because they had seen one of the movies or were familiar with the music.
The results were similar when music was played after the clip.
Even music played before or after a film character is shown affects our perception of their emotion
In conclusion, music is an important element in a film to make the emotion into the viewers or audiences.

So, a successful film cannot lack of music.
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