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The Great Irish Potato Famine

No description

Mary Caroline Robben

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of The Great Irish Potato Famine

"Worst famine to occur in Europe in the 19th century"
"The Great Famine" "The Irish Holocaust"
Wednesday, September 17, 1845
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Facts about Great Famine emigration out of Ireland revealed
Started In 1845
Potatoes were a highly important food in Ireland during this time period
Some say the weather was a big part of the famine due to how unusual it was during the end of the summer in 1845 when it began
Extremely hot weather then would rain for about three weeks straight
Caused by Late Blight: A disease that kills leaves, plants, roots
Caused by Phytophthora infestans
Potatoes turned black and rotten from it
“The Famine emigrations represent one of the greatest population displacements of modern times, an exodus on a stunning scale that has no other nineteenth century parallel,” writes Dr Ciarán Ó Murchadha in his latest book, The Great Famine: Ireland’s Agony 1845 – 52, which was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Longman – History Today ‘Book of the Year’ international award
“Between 1845 and 1855, approximately one-quarter of the inhabitants of an entire European nation, amounting to some 2.1 million persons, were permanently removed from their homeland"
"Most information comes from children or grandchildren of the survivors. Many people dont like to talk about it"
The Great Irish Potato Famine
Phytophthora fungus arrived from North American accidently
The U.S. sent cornmeal to Ireland to help with the starvation however, it was highly unliked
By 1847 3,000,000 Irishmen were going to soup kitchens
Most people were used to eating 7 to 15 pounds of potatoes every day per person before the famine occured
Approximently 1 million Irish people died and another 2 million more emmigrated from Irland causing the population to drop 20-25%
..."No issue has provoked so much anger or so embittered relations between the two countries (England and Ireland) as the indisputable fact that huge quantities of food were exported from Ireland to England throughout the period when the people of Ireland were dying of starvation" -Cecil Woodham Smith (Connecting history and literature)
Crop failures begin
Great Irish Potato Famine begins
Sir Robert Peele (British Conservative statesman, who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) tried to stop the famine
Famine ended
Population in Ireland fell greatly
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