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Silvany Ekawati

on 16 July 2014

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Singapore Airlines
: Managing Human Resource for Cost-effective Service Excellence
HR and Cost-Effective Service Excellence
Found in 1947 as Malayan Airways Limited (MAL)
1966 as Malayan Singapore Airlines (MSA)
Sarong Kebaya designed by French Couturier Pierre Balmain
1972 split into two : Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines
Awards : www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/about-us/sia-history/sia-awards/
Delivering service excellence in a cost effective way
5 interrelated and mutually supportive elements inherent in SIA's HR strategy
Straight Selection & Recruitment Process
Criteria for cabin crew
Recruitment Process
SIA's Reputation
Age range (min. 18)
Academic Qualification (min. D3)
Physical Requirement
Psychometric test
Uniform test
A Water Confidence Test
The Management Round
Final Stage
Extensive Investment in Training and Retraining
Uniform test :
1. Using sarong kebaya
2. The posture
3. Gait
4. General Appearance
Psychometric test :
1. Group Interview --> English passage
2. One on one --> Psychometric test
Final Stage :
1. Informal tea party
SIA's reputation :
1. Social status and glamour associate
2. Desirable company to work
3. Broad opportunity
Two types of training :
Functional training
General management-type training

SIA’s training aims – to enable cabin crew to provide gracious service reflecting warmth & friendliness, while maintain an image of authority and confidence in the passengers’s minds

SIA’s reputation

service grows stronger
customer have higher expectations
Equipping staff with an open mind-set to accept change and development and to deliver new services
SIA has 7 training schools, for the functional areas :
Cabin crew
Flight operations
Commercial training
Information technology
Airport services training and engineering

SIA Management Development Centre (MDC) also offer general management training under HR division
Executive and leadership programs

Transforming Customer Service (TCS) involving staff in 5 operational areas :
Cabin crew
Ground services
Flight operations
Sales support

Building team spirit among staff in key operational areas
The pilots, station managers, station engineers also have a role in customer service
In TCS, there is 40-30-30 rule

Constant job rotation is a core part of employee learning and development

Building High- Performance Service Delivery Teams
Effective teams often a prerequisite to service excellence
Aims to create “ esprit de corps “
Formed into teams of 13 individuals
People can relate to a team and have a sense of belonging
“ Check trainers “
Team leader can pinpoint any staff’s strengths & weaknesses easily
SIA’s cabin crew engages in some seemingly activities :
Performing arts circle for talented employee
Gourmet, language, and sports

Empowerment of frontline to deliver service quality:
Mr. Toh Giam Ming (Senior Manager)
1. Find the right people
2. Give them the right support
3. And with the right support, people will do this kind of thing

Mr Choo, said :
1. All crew members are very proud to be a part of SIA's team
2. All crew members are very proud of the tradition
3. All crew members are proud that SIA is held up as a company that gives excellent care to customers, so they want to live up to that.

Motivating staff through rewards and recognition:
1. Gives rewards and recognition to outstanding staff
2. Gives out bonus
It started from 42 years ago :
1. Culture
2. Very strong commitment
3. Take every compliment and complaint seriously and try to learn from the feedback
The key elements on rewarding SIA's crew evaluation system:
1. Image
2. Service orientation
3. Product knowledge and job skills
4. Safety and security knowledge
5. Work relationships
6. People management skills and pre-flight briefing session
Goes back from 42 years ago :
1. Culture
2. Very strong commitment
3. Take every compliment and complaint seriously and try to learn from the feedback
SIA achieved cost-effective service excellence and sustained superior performance

Strategic Alignment
Dual strategy of differentiation: service excellence and low cost
Training and development should be employed
Reexamine and reinvent
Q1: Describe what is so special about SIA's five elements of its successful HR practices?
Q2: Evaluate the effectiveness of each elements contribution toward SIA's leadership in service exellence and cost-effectiveness
Q3: Despite evidence that such practices help service firms achieve higher company performance, many organizations have not managed to execute them as effectively. Why do you think that is the case?
Q4: Why do you think are US full-service airlines largely undifferentiated low-quality providers? What are the reasons that none of the full-service airlines positioned itself and delivers as high service quality providers
Q5: Some of SIA's HR practices would be illegal in the United States and Europe (e.g., making renewal of contracts dependent on employees maintaining their body weight; or having all its cabin crew on time-based contracts that are renewable every 5 years). Is this fair competition (i.e., desired competition between regulatory frameworks, as was favored by Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of the UK), or is it arbitration of regulatory environments that encourage a "race to the bottom" in terms of employee rights?
Q6: How do people feel if they are working in a culture that focuses so intensely on customers, but cuts costs to the bone internally?
Q7: Discuss how these videos are perceived by SIA cabin crew!
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