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UNC Basketball History

No description

taylor carswell

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of UNC Basketball History

University of North Carolina's basketball history British troops, led by General Cornwallis, found that gooey tar had been dumped in what is now known as the Tar Heel River. Well, it all started out during the 1800's. Troops noticed anyone who walked through the rivers in North Carolina would come out of them with tar on their heels! North Carolina coaches not only taught their players basketball, but also life lessons. Typical basketball teams start practice off with a warm-up drill. Younger players would often be called out to recite what ever the "thought of the day" was, and if they didn't know it, everyone on the team, excluding the one who did not remember it, would have to run sprints. One day many decades ago, Vic Huggins, the University's head cheerleader, noticed something missing from their school spirit. Vic realized that many other schools were getting mascots. So Vic began to research a little and found that the star football player of 1922 was nicknamed "the battering ram". Which the ram then became the mascot for the University of North Carolina. Dunking became illegal in the year of 1968. That rule didn't last too long, it was brought back into the game in 1977. North Carolina's basketball uniforms have been changed many times over the time span of their existance. Shorts are one of the dramatic changes that have taken place. Decades ago, bottoms were short and closer-fit to the body. In todays time, shorts are much looser and have great mobilization so the players are able to move in any direction needed. Well, the Carolina Tar Heels are a well known basketball team. They are located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The UNC basketball team has been participating in the college basketball league since January 27, 1911. To many North Carolinians, the importance of the UNC basketball team is for entertainment. However, to the players, the game is to show off their skill, as well as team work, hard work, and for the prestige of being on a well-known team. The basketball team has given tremendous popularity to the University of North Carolina. Some students want to go there not only for an education but for the honor of being a Tar Heel. Have you ever wondered where the nickname tar-heels came from? Even though the Rams had their flaws, and did not always win, they knew that they would continue to be brought down, unless they kept their self expectations high, knew to never give up, and did'nt let anything stop them from showing their true talent. image credits:
melissakp.blogspot.com LOOK AT THE SHORTS! then... now... Have you ever wondered what the Carolina Tar-Heels even are? 1600's 1700's 1800's 1900's 2000's With Coach Smith, one of UNC's former, and most well known coach, it was a little different. He would start each and every practice off with a "thought of the day"
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