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Rapport VS Report Talk

No description

Vanessa Alcorta

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Rapport VS Report Talk

Report V.S. Rapport
Talk What is Rapport?
What is Report?
5 Types of Talk: 1. Private Speaking VS Public Speaking
2. Telling a Story
3. Listening
4. Asking Questions
5. Conflict Rapport: The typical conversational style of women, which seeks to establish connection with others. Report Talk: The typical monologic style of men, which seeks to command attention, convey information, and win arguments. Private Speaking Vs. Public Speaking Women talk more than men in private conversations. EX: wordy-women-mute-male steretype
Men talk more than women in public conversations EX: One-up position Breaking it down... What is Rapport and Report Talk?
Who tells the most stories?
"Can you top this?"
Hero overcoming a great obstacle
express their desire by telling stories about others
Acting foolish>Cleaver Manner
Stronger Network Support Telling a Story
Listening "Men don't ask for that kind of help."
Women ask questions to establish a connection with others
Tag questions: "Don't you think?"
Book: You Just Don't Understand Asking Questions Men are more comfortable with conflict
Women tend to avoid conflict at all costs Conflict
tend to hold eye contact, offer head nods, and react with "yea,uh-huh."
Cooperative Loop
tend to avoid putting themselves in a submissive stance
Women think Men dont't listen
Men annoy Women and Women annoy Men What type of Report Vs. Rapport Talk do you see in the clip? Movie CLip Listening: Telling a Story: What type of talk do you see in this clip? Movie CLip http://www.polleverywhere.com/my/polls Activity # 1 Questions?? Post Survey In your group come up with a one minute skit using one of the five types of talk we discussed Activity #2 INVITE YOU..
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