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Pete Turner

No description

Millie Garcia

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Pete Turner

Pete Turner
Commercial Work
Pete Turner has change the color photography with his fascination for geometry and surrealism. Turner achieves his vision by combining the technical tools of photography with a perceptive eye for compositional color. Today, Pete Turner continues to push the medium of photography to new levels.
1956 his first published national work appears in Popular Photography Annual (USA).
Served in the military as a photographer
First major assignment: commissioned by Airstream Trailer Company and National Geographic Magazine.
Turner attended Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Photography and Arts.
Jerry Uelsmann, Paul Caponigro, Carl Chiarenza, Bruce Davidson, Ken Josephson are some of his classmates
1962 Begins major advertising work. Works on the ESSO campaign. Editorial photography appears regularly in Esquire, Holiday, Twen (Germany), and Sports Illustrated.
Turner's images increasingly reflect the surreal. He begins to explore the manipulation of reality through photography.
Turner traveled extensive to Europe, South America, Africa and other parts of the world as part of his commercial photography.
Some of his clients are: Roll Royce, American Airlines, Fuji, IBM, Shell Oil, Motorola, Ford and many more.
You can find a collection of his work at the George Eastman House
You can see his work at the Amon Carter Museum, “Color! History of Color Photography”, fall 2013.
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