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The marketing plan for ASOS

No description

You Tkhs

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The marketing plan for ASOS

The marketing plan
for ASOS

Graduate Diploma Fashion management
Fashion marketing
Yui Takahashi

18th March 2014

Company profile
Their current situation
SWOT analysis
My marketing plan
References and bibliography

Collaboration with young people
Community Project
Engaging young people to fashion more
Motiving their aspiration for fashion more
Getting prospective young customers more
Generating their interest more
Have you talked about ASOS before?
4 pillars of my plan
Their current marketing strategy
SWOT analysis
Pop up store
Voting online
Term ---It will be 2 months
Where ---The UK, Europe, Asia and America
Who ---Everyone can attend freely
What ---For showing the collaboration products and
an exhibition of ASOS products

Opportunity to communicate with famous bloggers
H&M's designers award
We do not need to be super fashion people to engage in fashion !!!
Photo shooting
UK-based independent online retailer of fashion and beauty products.
The company markets more than 65,000 branded and own label product lines.
ASOS' wide product portfolio helps it in meeting the requirements of its teenaged customers.
The UK market had been challenging recently.
young customer base facing a far more difficult time

Their target age is from 16 to 34 aged men and women,
highly competitive with a large number of players
Getting boring of their sytle tha they offer
Excessively dependent on the UK , Europe and American consumer
A vast product portfolio maintains
consumers' interest
The competition for students at selected design schools.
To bring up the most promising talents in fashion and give them a springboard in their careers.
Each finalist have won €5000, and will now present their work to a grand jury which will decide the overall winner.
The winner will receive €50,000 and the chance to show the winning collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
It based on the collection the winner gets to develop selected pieces to be sold at selected H&M stores.
ASOS's YOUNG Competition
1, Apply your original hat idea via online
2, If your idea pass the first step, it can be showed on their SNS and be real product
3, It will show at the pop up store
4, Final vote is going to take place online and in-store by everyone incl ASOS customers
5, If you won this competition, your idea is going to be commodified with your name by ASOS
People aged 16-34 from all over the world can apply for it.
No any other entry requirements & No fee to apply.
Everybody can be a designer.
IF a theme is hat ...
Can judge and know what people really want to have from the results.
Can get peoples attention and be a topical.
Helps young & fresh creative idea.
Motivate and support young people.
Showing the products Before start Vote and sell online
How to notice it?ノ
Notice on their website, Facebook, Instagram
Notice at the brand store that ASOS already selling on their website
Notice at fashion or arts universities
Generate young people's interests
Free entry so can create the opportunity more
Pricing can be still ASOS price (entry price is from £10)
Can be cultivate the youngsters idea easier
Every body can be a winner
It may spur interest ASOS more on SNS, high street
Your friends might be a designer someday?
New and unique idea are hidden everywhere

ASOS's target customer is young people.
The project aims to be an part of entertainment for young people (including not FASHIONISTA).
ASOS may will be able to speak its shoppers more friendly, encourage engagement with the brand in a familiar way through this exciting event.

"like" points 1
"want to buy" points 10
You can click it once a day
It is very easy to join
Everyone can vote
Do not need to be a member of ASOS
This project may create a way to extend the brand market among its target market when they shared the topic.

This approach also increases the likelihood that shoppers will spend more time with the sites.

Open the opportunity for young people more.
Giving student discounts may attract the students
Retail sales up 40% (UK retail sales up 34%, international
retail sales up 44%)
Enhanced mobile phone and tablet sites– th ese now account
for 30% of visits
• Launched ‘buy-the-look’ feature allowing customers to purchase entire outfits, rather than single products
• Cut-off time for UK next day delivery extended to 9pm
• Continually revising portfolio of 800 brands and expanded ASOS own-label ranges including Petite, Curve and Maternity
• Reduced price of annual UK Premier subscription giving customers unlimited free next day delivery, early access to sales and free magazine (10 issues a year)
Expanding international retail industry
Favorable trends in the online retail sectors the company's profitability
in Europe and the US could help ASOS in expanding its customer base
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