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Virtual Dressing Room

Ideeli Intern Project

Zeyu Chen

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Virtual Dressing Room

Virtual Dressing Room Why?
make site more personable
increase sales Ultimate Goal

Create Dressing Room tab on ideeli.com favorites

no other flash sale website has feature
creates more options, ease in purchasing

Sites with similar features
H&M Competitive Analysis Benefits to Business s M L XL Q & A et's beat our rivals... Intern Project Inna Golovachko
Create your own outfit sidebar

Customers put together outfits before they buy them

Sidebar with selected pieces appear to help speed up process

Add special perks for first row

Candidate ideeli labs Mock
Up Step 1: Make Cart more visible Tech
create sidebar
2-3 weeks, 2 developers

market idea: concept of 'dressing room'
send out e-mail with new feature
advertise on site
promotion example: put together an outfit of $100 or more and get 10% off Implementation Profile

Name: Jane

Age: 26

Lives in: NYC

ideeli Customer: 'Urban Single'

Buying habits: 1-2 items

Favorite Brands: Rich & Skinny Jeans, Gracia, & Tart

Income: ~$50,000 per year

First Row Member: No Step 1 Reaction

"I love being able to see my cart while shopping at the same time." But, like any other seed or fashion idea that is planted, there are different steps, and seasons, involved... Step 1 Step 2 Step3 Step 4 Now, Jane not only has a whole new wardrobe... Step 2 Reaction

"I am more confident in my purchase now that I can put outfits together!" Step 3 Reaction

"Now that ideeli is personalized, I see how much they care about the customer as an individual." Step 4 Reaction

"Now that I can see myself modeling the clothes, too, I find myself buying more and more." Building Blocks allow users to create and purchase personalized outfits

images of individual pieces will be available

users will be more inclined to buy different items Mock Up Step 2: Create Dressing Room Tab Jane Step 3: Personalize Dressing Room 2-D models with different body types

drag and drop pieces onto model

use 3rd party Looklet.com

personalize experience- suggest items using recommendation engine Mock Up Step 4: Virtual Dressing Room take a look at the future... drag and drop pieces into dressing room

stand in front of webcam to see way clothes look on them Implementation

new team of engineers and developers

develop partnership with any company that has a device with a sensor (ex: kinect)

Image processing for clothing, accessories, and home goods Step 2 & 3 Implementation

crop shots to make individual pieces

create new Dressing Room tab

MPC makes sure pictures are uploaded onto Dressing Room tab

send email
advertise on site ...but her online shopping experience

will never be the same. Increase speed of shopping experience

Better user experience

Increase sales, revenue, and conversion

Expand customer base

Build brand awareness and loyalty

Fewer returns Meet the new Jane... Her friends are new ideeli members New twitter, FB fan Buying habits: 3-5 items Checks site 5-6 times a day First row member Style Tab

Virtual Dressing Room

Ability to feel products

More personalization

Expand men's section Initial Ideas Rue: Travel, Local

Fab: Favorites

Gilt: Gilt Live, Favorites, Gilt City, Search Direct Competition ideeli Recap 1 2 3 4

US online shoppers will spend $226 billion

167 million US consumers will shop online
US online shoppers will spend $327 billion

192 million US consumers will shop online 2016 Less than 25% of online shoppers make unplanned purchases
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