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Happy Father's Day

No description

Gan Zhe Jing

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
I may not agree with you on many things, but of course it is for my own good. Haiz... the same boring words... but i will try to make it more interesting... :)
This is a Father's Day gift if you don't know. It will sound a little boring but meaningful. Just bear with me through this presentation.
Papa, you are always keeping an eye on me.
Thank you:
-for sending me to such an expensive school
-for bringing me to such wonderful trips
-for caring about my health
-for giving me treats and understanding my
Papa, you are unpredictable with mood swings. Of course, it must be hard doing what you are doing so i won't complain. Everything you do is for our good and we love you for that.
Your favourite sport and hobby I presume... I am sorry that I do not share this hobby with you but i will still be glad to enjoy it with you.
I know you often say i dislike everything except playing games. Well, it is true but trust me, I can control myself perfectly well. Its just that I am presumed to be playing every time I am in my room.
Everytime, I am talking with you, I don't usually open up as much as I do talking to Mummy. I think you know that too. The reason is that I am still not really sure what your reaction is to certain things. I am also not as close to you as I am to Mummy. But I love you as much... its just that you are fiercer and more intimidating.
Anyway, just want to let you know that you are the best dad and I love you.
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