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CASE #2017

No description

Kellie Knasel

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of CASE #2017

CASE #2017

Suspect used a ski mask in the attack. This indicates they are cautious, timid, and shy. They seem to be playing it safe, trying their best to hide their identity.
Suspect left behind choir and band music. This indicates that they are skilled musically, narrowing down our search.
Suspect left behind dance medal. This indicates their experience with that art form. This narrows our search down even more and brings us closer to our unsub.
Suspect left behind a cheerleading bow. This indicates their history with the sport, narrowing down our search.
Suspect left behind an Odyssey of the Mind medal. This indicates their placement and year, making it easier to find the suspect.
Suspect left behind a Little Shop of Horrors script. This indicates their involvement in drama club at their school.
Suspect left behind their Eastern Kentucky University acceptance letter. This indicates their future college, helping us narrow down our searches
Detectives cross checking local high schools' data.
Evidence at the crime scene.
High school of the unsub.
Odyssey's Impact
After 7th grade, I began making my own choices and came out of my shell. With my new found confidence from Odyssey, I began taking on leadership roles in school and making decisions for myself. Each year with Odyssey I became more confident, more outgoing. Odyssey taught me social skills that I use in my every day life. Odyssey also made me a better performer and inspired me to join my school's drama club. Without Odyssey, I don't think I would have ever been able to do that and perform in front of so many people.
Odyssey's Impact
Odyssey has also inspired me to not be afraid of taking chances. My junior year I decided to join marching band. I had no previous band experience. The first day of band camp I picked up a trumpet and taught myself how to play it. This year, I switched to another instrument, mellophone. I loved it so much and realized band is something I never want to give up. I then decided to audition for Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps. (It's basically the NFL of marching band.) I was competing against people who have been playing for years, where as I have been playing for about 6 months. Thanks to Odyssey I went into the audition confident, ready to try something new.
We have come the conclusion that the suspect is a high school senior. Based on the evidence left at the crime scene, we can infer that she was/is a cheerleader, dancer, drama club member, Odyssey of the Mind member, band member, and choir member. We also know that she is admitted to Eastern Kentucky University for Criminal Justice. With that being said, all we need to do is cross check all of our data until it narrows our search down to the unsub.
Ski mask
Choir sheet music
Band sheet music
Dance medal
Cheerleading bow
Odyssey of the Mind medal
Little Shop of Horrors script
EKU acceptance letter
Odyssey's Impact
When I first joined Odyssey of the Mind, I was an extremely shy 7th grader. I kept to myself and quietly did my jobs on the team. At the time, I would follow the crowd, do what my friends did. I was definitely not a leader. My friends joined ballet, I joined ballet. My friends joined cheerleading, I joined cheerleading. I never made choices for myself. That was until Odyssey.
The following evidence was left at the scene by the suspect. Some of these items are absurd and very specific to the suspect. That will assist us in finding them.
It has been determined that our unsub is Dixie Heights senior, Kellie Knasel. Every piece of evidence matched up with past and present Kellie.
Odyssey's Impact
After countless auditions, I was finally contracted to march with Spirit of Atlanta! This was definitely out of my comfort zone, but luckily Odyssey gave me the performance experience I needed to get through the audition and impress the judges. Odyssey has also inspired me for my future career. I have decided to major in Criminal Justice, double minor in Homeland Security and Psychology, and get a certificate in Intelligence Analysis. Throughout my Odyssey journey, I have been encourage to think outside the box. I have definitely fallen in love with that. Coming up with theories and different outcomes for things has become my new hobby and I don't think I would have found my love for it if it wasn't for Odyssey of the Mind. If I were to tell 7th grade me where I would be right now, they would think I'm nuts! I have completely changed as a person, but for the better. I am no longer a cheerleader or dancer, but still a performer with Drum Corps, drama club, Odyssey, choir, and band. I'm definitely not shy anymore either. This is all because of Odyssey, this program has taught me to be myself, be a little weird, and to think outside the box. I couldn't think of a more outstanding program to be a part of. Every piece of evidence found at the crime scene led back to me and one point in my Odyssey career. Old me is the "missing girl," that girl is not gone, but rather a better version of herself.
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