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Filles Du Roi

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bianca acnaib

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Filles Du Roi

Filles Du Roi
Where did the Filles Du Roi come from?
The Filles Du Roi women came from all over France, but most came from Paris and Rouen. Like I said before, many came from orphanage centres.

Where did the Filles Du Roi go to?
They went to New France. More specifically, the women arrived at Ville Du Quebec where most continued to stay.

How many woman came to New France?
In total, just over 800 brave woman came. About four hundred ten of those woman were orphans.

How long did the whole process take?
The program in total took eleven years. After the women decided who to marry and did the contract, it would be thirty days until the wedding ceremony. The average amount of time from arriving and getting married was four to five months. It would take more than fifteen months if the woman was thirteen to sixteen years old!
What was the Filles Du Roi program?
The Filles Du Roi program was a campaign to increase the population in New France. The women population was low in New France, so the decided to bring young women from France to New France so they can marry men to repopulate.

What were the results?
The results were very successful! The population grew dramatically. It had a big increase of 168 percent! The Filles Du Roi program had accomplished its goal of a bigger population!
Who were the Filles Du Roi women?
They were young females aged from thirteen to thirty-two years old. Many of them were orphans. The Filles Du Roi were mostly village girls rather than city girls because they were usually more hard working. Also the Filles Du Roi were the King's daughters. Or at least that's what they were named.

Who organized the program?
Of course the king was in charge of it all. Louis XIV was the kings name. He made sure that the women got
(money), clothing items, and things like knives and pins. But also, Jean Talon (the Intendant of New France) set up the program.


Filles Du

Filles Du

The program was made so the population can increase in New France. They wanted to increase the population so New France was more of a place to live then a trading colony. In order to rise the population numbers, they needed women. They had a shortage of females, so that's where the Filles Du Roi helped.

Why did women agree on going to New France?
The Filles Du Roi decided to leave their homes for more then one reason. Some did not even have homes and lived in an orphanage so any thing for them would be better. Also," rewards" were involved. Every women got things like a ribbon, scissors and a comb. Each married pair got farm animals such as chicken, an ox and more. A big "reward" was an extra dowry (a sum of money) that only some married couples got. Most women left their homes because they saw an opportunity for a better life.

Why was the program made?
When did the the program take place?
The Filles Du Roi program first started in 1663. That's when they realized that they needed women. New France was most likely wealthier at that time, considering it was quite expensive to do the program. It ended in 1673 when New France reached its goal of a bigger population.

When would a women be allowed to be part of the Filles Du Roi program?
They would be able to be part of the program once they would be "checked," presented her birth certificate and was free to marry. By "checked" I mean making sure she was healthy to have children and being built for household duties.

Impact on New France

The Filles Du Roi program had a huge impact on New France. The population would have never expanded so quickly without the skiils and bravery that each Fille Du Roi had. The colony would not be a place to live, but a fur trade colony if the women did not go. There was a chance that New France would never grow and the British would take over from the beginning! If that happened, Quebec would not have such a big french character! Overall, the Filles Du Roi program had such a big impact, that it has affected us today.
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The whole story
It all started when New France wanted to increase its population. They had a shortage of women so if they didn't do something their population would never increase! But they did do something, it was called the Filles Du Roi program. The King asked women from France to be part of the program. The King asked orphans because all of the women would want to live in New France than the orphanage. The transportation was free for the Filles Du Roi. The women who went to New France did not go at the same time. The whole process took eleven years; from 1663 to 1673. It would cost 100
livres (
the money used) for each Fille Du Roi which once again the women did not pay. Once the women arrived to New France, a man would choose a Fille Du Roi to marry. After the couple got married, it was expected for them to have children. While the women were in New France and awaiting to be married, they lived in houses that were being taken care of a female chaperone or directress. There, they would learn how to do housework. They must of learned well because the program turned into a success. The population increased dramaticly!
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