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My Cousin and I

No description

Dylan Webber

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of My Cousin and I

This Is were my cousin grew up as a kid. He lived her till he was 16. He lived on 813 Camardy Rd. This is my cousin's grade school. He went to St. David's which is located outside of London. He went to A.B Lucas which is located in London. He played all kinds of sports. From Football to Rugby and Track and field. This is where he has lived since he was about 15.63 Killarney Rd. My Couin now attends the University of Ottawa. This is the Business Managment wing of the university. This is Golden, British Columbia.These are the Rocky Mountains my cousin and I go to every summer with our grandpa. It is a beautiful town with lots to do. We usually go mountain biking. This is General Motors Place. This is where the Vancouver Canuks play. My cousin and I went in 2005 to watch the Slam City Jam skateboarding compitition.
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