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the origin of languages

No description

Hatice Sak

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of the origin of languages

The origin of languages the questions comes to mind 1- what is the origin of language 2-what was the first language? an how was it developed by humanbeings? 3- how did the languages vary? a- Divine Creation b- natural evolution -there is no such thing as a primitive language
-wherever human exist language exists in christianity : "Adam gave names to all living creatures." -Genesis 2:20 in islam "and He(God) taught Adam the names of All things…"(bakara: 31). "whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name there of" (Genesis 2:19). - at some point in time humans evolved a language acquisition device the invention hypotheses the ding-dong hypotheses the pooh-pooh hypotheses the bow-wow hypotheses the ta-ta hypotheses imitation the feature the problem example -onomatopoeia
-the first human words were a type of verbal icon,
a sign whose form is an exact image of its meaning boom , crash ,kahkaha involuntery emotional exclamations vocabulary developed from imitations of animal noises ha ha ha , ouch , moo, meow, bow wow language and the development of sound was generated to support the hand gestures and movements of the individual. nodding,finger crossing ... 1-it constitutes only a part of any language

2-the definitions vary from languages to languages necessity Warning hypothesis The "yo-he-ho" hypothesis the lying hypothesis look out! , run! Language developed on the basis of human cooperative efforts. the first language started with a warning to others yo-he-ho languages must have been invented for the purpose of lying or deceiving. a bigger mystery; grammers origins? coincidently lexical combinations? 1- Tower of Babel hypotheses 2-the hypothesis of parallel evolution monogenesis polygenesis 3-Scientific monogenesis: The Mother Tongue theory humans colonized various continents, thus original mother tongue diverged through time to form the numerous languages spoken today -languages doesnt vary in terms of definitions but they vary structurally Schadenfreude : pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others language typology why do people study ? 1- to trace the original mother tangue thus reconstuct ancient languages 2- to get detailed information of its speakers, their past, history and culture... comparative linguists anthropological linguists conclusion : the origin of languages is a mystery still :) thank you for listening

hatice sak
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