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England Angela, Joaquin and Juan Estevan

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on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of England Angela, Joaquin and Juan Estevan

By Angela
Joaquin, and
Juan Esteban

Ms. Natalie'sClass

5th Grade

The Prime Minister

The name of the Prime Minister is David William Donald Cameron but in his country they call him David Cameron, he was born in London, England in 1966 October 9 now he has 47 years. When David was a kid he studied in Heather down preparatory school then he went to college and studied in Eton College. He was really good at school and he always got really good grades.
Information about the Queen

The queen has two posh children.
Soon the prince Charles is going to
be king.

What is the Name of the Queen?

The name of the queen is queen Elisabeth
Is the Government corrupt?

There is corruption in sports and in some banks. There is also economical problems because the government gets always lots of salary even if there is not enough money for the people.

Does the Government Involve Religion?

Yes because the queen is crowed in church and the queen is catholic.
What are the Different parts and Positions of Government and what do they do?

Queen, Congress and Prime Minister the Queen helps make the choices with the congress
the Prime Minister also helps make the choices with the congress but has more influences

A weakness of England is that only the royal family can become king or queen.It is unfair because it does not give a chance to other people.The evidence for that is that only people of "royal blood" can become queen or king. A strength for England is that every one with the requirements can be prime minister the evidence for that is not true England would be a complete monarchy.
How are the Leaders Chosen?

The Prime Minister is chosen by votes, and the king/queen is chosen by "royal blood" and marriage.
Who works with the leaders?

The congress and the prime minister they make the laws by three steps 1. A proposal is made 2. Both houses of parliament agree 3. The king or queen agrees and their proposal receives the royal assent.
Are There Different Political Groups, Do they get Along?

Yes, there are 18 political parties but the three main ones are the Conservative, Labor, and Liberat Democrat. we haven't found resources that tell us how they get along.
The End...
Type of Government

England is a constitutional
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