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Poetry Notes Day 4

No description

Cathy Phillips

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Poetry Notes Day 4

Life/ Death Poem
sometimes called name poems. The name or word is spelled out vertically and each line of the poem starts with that letter.

Repetition Poem with Alliteration
a poem in which 1 word or phrase is used over and over. It can have any rhyme pattern or be free verse
a very short, humorous poem that has 5 lines and a very specific syllable and rhyme pattern.
a 9
a 9
b 5
b 5
a 9

Poetry Notes Day 4
the repetition of consonant sounds
the most popular topic of poetry throughout the ages; typically these poems contain a lot of symbolism, imagery, and figures of speech.
when a person, place, thing, or event has meaning in itself and stands for something beyond itself as well. Ex: the bald eagle is a symbol of the United States
Life/Death Poem
with Symbolism
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