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Hannah Garcia's Urban Dictionary

No description

Hannah Garcia

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Hannah Garcia's Urban Dictionary

Whittier Trails
Also another great way to be with nature and to be healthy is to go hiking on the Whittier trials that are less then 4 minutes away from my home. There are numerous trials around everyone in Whittier. This specific hike is all uphill and at the top would be a water tower.
Hannah Garcia's Urban Dictionary
Fast Food
Whittier College
Running down my street takes away my thoughts about running and instead gets filled with the beautiful nature of the outside. This is a great alternative then going to the gym. Also with my street having numerous hills, in return I work out different muscle groups and build up my cardio.
Hannah Garcia
Urban Photography
Health Science 471
Erualdo Gonzalez
This assignment is to show what is around my community of Whittier, CA. These photo show concepts about the food and nutrition environment, and also the built environment, enjoy!
With fast food restaurants all around me, that was not my biggest problem when it came to my nutrition. Living across a college had its ups and downs, literally living right across the street from the Freshman Dorms I would be woken up at 3am by screaming drunk freshman. Some days it they would be so loud I would not be able to sleep and in return get a late night snack and loose sleep. The worst times was when they would leave pizza boxes and red solo cups all over my front lawn. Defiantly have anger towards the party animals. These incidents had a toll of my health and nutrition.
A Beautiful Way To Burn
Stairs Of Whittier College
The only good part of Whittier College is the stairs that go on forever. With the stairs staring where the freshman dorms end, Its very close and convenient to get a good sweat in, over 1000 stairs of healthiness. These stairs being so close to home I can work on my fitness and do it for free.
Farmers Market
Another fun way to get healthy food and focus on improving your nutrition, is the Farmers Market. Vendors come and sell their best fruits and organic foods. Sellers give out samples and make the environment welcoming for everyone.
With fast food restaurants located within 3 miles of each other, people and myself are more tempted to get the greasy food, even when they know it is unhealthy. With more fast food locations this in return leads people to obesity and unhealthiness. I know for myself if more nutritional locations were all around me I would get more healthy foods.
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