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Ryan Mcmanmon

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Ryan Mcmanmon

Tasmanian Tiger's Life
Also known as the Tasmanian wolf or the thyclaine,not to be confused with the Tasmanian devil.
It was a dog like mammal with a pouch and a long snout.
About five feet long with a tail about a third of that length with dark black/brown stipes.
The Tasmanian tiger was a lone and nocturnal hunter,being the largest known carnivorous marsupial,or pouched mammal.
Lived in New Guinea and Australia
After competition like the dingo came,their habitat was confined to the Tasmanian Mountains,where the last confirmed wild sighting was.
Although the last Tasmanian tigers died in captivity at the Hobart zoo,1933.
Food and Hunting
Farmers disliked and killed it because it would kill their live stock.
normally they would hunt lizards,birds and wallabies
www.go.grolier.com-Tasmanian Tiger,Tasmanian Wolf, Tasmanian Wolf
www.proquestK12.com-Tasmanian wolf,Tasmanian Wolf,Bringing Back the Dead
Tasmanian tigers are the best!!!!
P.S.,I forgot to say that scientists are trying to clone a Tasmanian tiger.
Thanks for watching my prezi!!!!!!!!!
We were cloned! Yay!

what was a Tasmanian tiger's life like?
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