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No description

Chrissy Hui

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Aliens

History of Aliens
The encounter and knowledge of aliens will pose a great threat to humanity and society.

How they will change us
By: Chrissy and Lisa
Aliens in Folklore
Roswell Incident
-Most significant incident in UFO history

-Corona, New Mexico
-Explosion during a thunderstorm

-William Brazel found skid marks, metal debris covered in hieroglyphics and geometric shapes.
-Government claimed to posses a UFO
- Later denied it
Crop Circles
Do you believe in aliens?
Aliens are like us
How would aliens treat us?
Religious Perspective
-Many religions will be proven wrong if aliens exist
-would cause feuds and panic

Some people believe that aliens are connected to folklore
-In the past, people did see aliens, but reported them to be fairies, elves, gods etc.
"Abduction by non-human beings is an aspect of much folklore"
Crop circles are said to be messages from aliens
1980's: there was a phenomena about crop circles
Crop circles date back to 1600's in Holland
"Three acres of oats were found so neatly mow'd by the devil"
Sightings and Abductions
-Abductees have reported many alterations on their bodies after being abducted by UFOs
We have had such a rich history of alien sightings and abductions... still... we doubt their existence!
for instance:
-selfishly hurting us
-demoralizing us
-Universalism Values
Why aliens might hurt us!
UFO evidence on humans
-People who were abducted report burns, unexplainable cuts, paralysis, unconsciousness, unexplained radiation sicknesses, phantom pregnancies etc.
-Meteorites have traces of acids and materials that make up our bodies
-proves that the building blocks of life travel around space and were around the solar system before us
All living things are based on organic chemistry
-There are the same compounds in space as it is on earth
ie. we are all primarily made of water
-Life outside earth would be similar to life on earth
-Aliens would ACT like humans but would not LOOK like humans, scientists say
-The existence of aliens challenges some cultures/religions
-people are brought up believing a set of ideas and suddenly, they are proven wrong
Since they behave the same way we do...
-Aliens will treat us like we treat animals
For Science
-they may dissect and displace us for medical research
-they may enslave, displace and conquer us
-hunting, keeping us as pets, and for other means of entertainment
ie. Europeans conquering North America
ie. how we use dolphins in shows at MarineLand
Aliens may bring us diseases
-like when people spread diseases through different regions of the earth
-We are unfamiliar and have no immune system build up to their bacteria
-this can be devastating to the human race
-may be contagious and extremely lethal
Aliens may bring diseases to our plant life
-This may harm the entire ecosystem and disrupt the food chain
-may become a food crisis/ starve humans
Spreading their Religion
Universalism Values
How we may prevent this?
We can exchange biological information with the aliens and see what possible bacteria can attack us
Aliens can create a weapon designed specifically to destroy humans
-Aliens may want to spread their beliefs and culture to us
-Not conforming to it may bring us danger
-Since aliens are much older, their culture is more developed than ours
-Humans would look primitive compared to them
-May want to abandon our culture to be more "modern"
-This would cause our society to collapse
-our beliefs that have been developing for centuries may be abandoned
-Humans may have acted in a way that offended the aliens
-sending radio signals to try to listen to them, sattelites, space junk, etc.
-since there are cultural differences, we may not know what is "polite" to them
Aliens may want to steal our resources, elements, and genetic structure
They may have used up their own resources
We may have rare, valuable resources
Earth is extremely rich in resources
Planet hopping
-To do what is for the benefit of the universe
Aliens may want to destroy us if they see more value produced without than with us
We are expanding and destroying our earth at a quick rate
-aliens may not be happy with what we are doing
-they may want to eliminate us for their universalist values
-before we expand and destroy other planets, they would want to destroy us first
-the bigger the civilization, the harder it is to eliminate, so they would do it ASAP
-Simon-Conway Morris of Cambridge University
-Lynne Rothschild, Astrobiologist
-It is inevitable that aliens will harm humanity in some way or another
-Aliens do not care about the well-being of humans
-All living things want to thrive and survive, which is why aliens would not give us mercy if they really wanted to kill us
We should be wary of our actions and try our best not to offend the aliens
ie. take better care of our planet, not send space junk into the solar system
-They may want information from humans
-ie. food production, biotechnology
-Want you DNA
-parts in the human genome that have an unclear purpose
-Test their weaponery
Much like humans taking resources from country to country after they conquer
-Earth has a large biodiversity
-more species to research than on their home planet
-Researching human behavior
-like humans do to animals
When aliens come we should remain calm and just let them take over
-Alien weaponry will be more advanced than ours

-Humans will not stand a chance
UFOs during WW2
-Many sightings around Germany and France

-"UFO" lights were nicknamed Foo Fighters
-Pilots who saw foo fighters were ridiculed and told that they had battle fatigue
The Three Wisemen story
How would aliens effect our religions?
Will aliens bring us disease? What kind?
Would you conform to alien religion?
Why do aliens want revenge?
What would aliens be researching?
Do aliens care about what we do to Earth?
ie. raiding, war, robbing, etc
-evolution is predictable
-we have seen this in the abductions- mysterious cuts, phantompregnancies
For instance:
They may be running out of biological diversity
-much like how we are using up our non-renewable resources extremely quickly
-they may not have such resources on their planet
-abduct us and take our genetics/ genetic structure
Seth D. Baum of Pensylvania State Universtiy
-ie. they can make earth a "pit stop", or a highway
-They may destroy our society, religion and culture
Transformation: The Breakthrough
-Whitely Strieber
-do it while we are contained on earth
ahhh the planetary ones!
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