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jacks run

No description

daniel valarezo

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of jacks run

jack's run run run timeline chapter one
day one mack gets a call from marshall doris
to check up on him. they talk and come up to a akward moment when jack asks about alonzo aznar and his trail. people: jack, patricia, joanne, neil, smitty,
sam sebesta dr.pavlov,alonzo, raphel, zita, el serrino, marshells chapter three
day one
17-20 alonzo is in jail and is killing time.
he needs more time to kill and he is wasting his attorney to the last second and his attorney is wasting time too tick,toc. chapter 6
day two mack and his dad neil had just arrived at the airport because they came to pick up his mother and to send mack to l.A. to his sister. But in the airport they run in to a unforgotten friend and its nothing but akward jack joanne patrica neil smitty sam dr.pavlov alonzo chapter 7-9
day three setting christine is choosen for the american super star finals and is sent to hotel in beverly hills and hannah needs to go pick up jack at l.a.x a little complications. chapther 11-12
day three rissing action alonzo is in jail and had just got a
email from his brother Raphael and after he got it he recived a urgent email. saying for hhim to watch a popular tv show called ENTERTAINMENT A.M he watchs it and say christine and says immeditaly to his men to go find jack and christine. oh no chapter 12-14
day three
72-83 problem Joanne was chosen for "American Superstar" and all over national telivison. But Mack has a explaination that is really good' he
tells Joanne that she was on tv and maybe Alonzo saw her on tv . she remmbers and then alonzos men come and takes both of them. on a van and they dont know where. great raphel zita chapter 15-19
day 3-4
85-112 Neil and Patricia are starting to worry. Until they get a call from El Serrino telling them that Jack and Christine are a plane going someplace. They will be getting a hand held device and emailing pics,of the kids and to give the diary or well you know.so Neil and Patricia come up with a skilled plan to save the kids and bring some old friends on the trip. chapter 20-31
day 4-5
116-160 climax setting the marsheels are on thin ice. neil and patricia
are gone more bad news for the marshells. And they get a call from a not so happy general.By now neil and patricia are in elko. they arrive in catalins parents hotel they have to meet sam sebsta. they get to the hotel and ran into catalin but she dos not reconise them or thats what they think. they meet up with sam and a friend called smitty. while in sams room catalin comes and talks to jacks parents she also gives jacks parents a toy to give to jack but it is only to borrow. also jack and christine are in a remote place and traped intill they come up with a plan to escape from the horribal snake eyes/zita and they do. oh did isay that jacks parents are coming heavy armed. chapter 31-40
day 5
160-189 setting jack and christine are out and trying to escape
they end up finding the vinyard and hide in side there.
they stay but eventualy get caught but only christine but jack is also in a bad situation. Raphel is worryed that they can not find jack after all they will have to kill jack when they find him. Jack tries to get out of the vineyard. but some way he ends up brakeing his ankle doing it.Also neil,patricia,sam,smitty and a new friend dr.pavlov has joined them to help save the kids. and trust me they are ready. chapter 40-54
day 5-6 solution by now you all know what happens but i will tell you any way. So christine is told by raphael to sing for the people who came for the round up they do every year. and patricia sam and dr.pavlov are somewhere in the round up acting like vips. Jack is in the middle of the way to go save christine but dos not know she is singing. the plan to rescue the kids was already injected into action. now zita has taken christine as a hostage. But ounce zita goes to the hidding place jack is already there whith a little surprise. And soon or later zita is also injected to the plan. Evarybody goes back to were Alonzo is and they soon bring him to the plan to. And a old friend is return to the good side agian. oh did itell you that alonzo was in the hospital from a heart attack, sorry. jack finally gets back with the girl he loved. Happily ever after or not .......... el serrino text to self
my text to self is that i too have been
shot at like zita. essential message
is to keep your head held high
when times are down/ there is always a back up plan genre: realistic ficton or ....
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