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No description

Marine Da

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of 88 SOCIETY

We have sell a variety of sandwiches for all types of consumers from meat lovers to all vegan sandwiches.
We also have side dishes and deserts such as fries, salads, soup, chips, shakes, ice cream, and pastries.
12 inch sandwich or specialty sandwich can range from $4-$6
Combos are $5-$10 ( 12inch, side, drink)
Sides range from $1-$3 depending on size
(Tax not included)
Magic Sauce
Use of technology:
Social media/Web site
Machine/ computer/ system

Use of Know how:
French know how => quality of food
American know how=> management
Personal Plan
Government Regulations
Mandatory calorie count or nutritional labels causes some customers to lean on healthier choices.
Workers need to be given a required lunch and break depending on hours. This creates a need for more managers.
Workers must maintain good hygiene, so our company has to make sure the policies are enforced to avoid lawsuits.
Vision Statement
Number of Slides : 11
Financial Projections

Know How
7.4 €
7.9 €
must be entrave into the ever expanding history of sandwiches
9 €
Average price : 8.10 €
Customers needs and wants
The market offer
Our offer
Bottom up approach :

1- Where sandwiches are sold ?
2- How many sandwiches shops are there in Paris, France, Europe... ?
3- How many sandwich shops will be our direct competitors ?
Second Years :
% Vs 1st Years
Third Years:
% Vs 2sd years
of profit the 1st year
A profitable combo
Controlled but fast growth
Openings in the 1st year
Diversification the 2nd
Explosion the 3rd
Shareholder's investment
$ 250 000

Bank Loan
$ 200 000
=> We plan to refund in 28 months
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