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Last Class with Miss C.- Arts 8

Day 8 ECS 300 Field Lesson Guide

Aimee Castillo

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Last Class with Miss C.- Arts 8

Last Class with Miss C.
Finished Product
Last Class with Miss C.
Popsicle Art
-an art expressed on a limited space
blank inks
the idea...
students receive a popsicle stick
draw anything on the stick
receive popsicle sticks
think of a theme or a subject
i.e. something that inspired you
with that inspiration, draw anything on your popsicle sticks
exit slips
5-20 mins
5 mins.
share your artwork and why?
Exit Slips
Back Index Cards...
write what you drew
what inspired you to drew that art?
don't hand them in yet!
Front Index Cards...
one comment, question, suggestion about today's activity.
any message to Miss C.
let me know when your table is done
what lesson/activity did you liked the most and why?
Miss C.'s
Last Notes to Share
talents in class
future roads
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