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1963 March on Washington and 1963 Birmingham Sit Ins

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Simranjeet Rait

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of 1963 March on Washington and 1963 Birmingham Sit Ins

1963 Birmingham Protest Occurred in Birmingham in 1963
in order to show a message MLK specifically chose this Location 1963 Birmingham Protest Birmingham, in 1960, one of the most segregated cities in the U.S. Out of a total population of almost 350,000, 60 percent was white and 40 percent black. MLK saw this as a perfect opportunity for his campaign to encourage
the civil right movement.
ways He achieved success was a form he often promoted and that was
non violent protest along with sit ins. this was still viewed as a threat.
Why And How There were many results from the Birmingham Campaign For 1 the jailing of MLK had led to him and the movement
to be viewed more sympathetically likewise the whole campaign gained national attention even from the Federal Government Effect 1963 March on Washington Most Identifiable moment of the civil rights movement The March was one of the largest political rallies in history with an estimated 200000 people What was the March It took place in the capital in Washington DC
and was symbolic since it took place at the memorial of Americas 2 greatest Presidents, the Father of the country at the Washington monument and the Man who saved it at the Lincoln Memorial he had also emancipated the slaves. It was done to show the civil rights movement was stron Where was it The March brought the attention of the Civil Rights movement to the center of the world and as a result president Kennedy felt compelled to address the two concerns about equality and Jobs and so announced a new civil rights bill and secretly a plan for a war on poverty both of which were implemented under president Johnson although the strength of what Kennedy had proposed and what Johnson has implemented has been debated by historians Effect
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