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Paranormal Situations

No description

Lupita Dts

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Paranormal Situations

Claudia Gpe. Dorantes Castillo What is this? Types of situations Paranormal Paranormal phenomena called "knowledge" "knowledge": physical situations is that you
see that are happening such as: moving an object, transformations,levitation,etc. Paranormal:are certain events that, posing as physical facts, biological and psychological, could not be described Paranormal phenomena called "knowledge"
Paranormal phenomena called "physical effects" Are situations which occur in an "extra-sensory" as telepathy, see the future, etc. Telepathy:
consists of the transfer of thoughts or feelings between individuals through the mind, without the use of the five senses. Paranormal phenomena called "physical effects" Paranormal Situations Historys study on the death Persons of the university of Southampton are doing a study on the death for this interviewing are people who have been close to that is why they are using several images to see what it feels or hears. Miracles are occurrences that cause amazement as they appear from nowhere and unlike other appearances this is happiness, not fear appearance of UFOs The UFO´s are creatures that come from another world Consecuences the consequences can be very large impact some of the consequences that have been released is a trauma or death
Facundo is said that when saw this girl had to give it a clean spirit had gone with him Conclusion I started to believe that it exists and that at any moment you can bring any surprises.
SO WARNING!! UFO signals
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