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Carl Mcdaniel

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of Ratios

A mathdaniel production
is a comparison of two numbers. Can be written as a fraction, with a colon or the word “to”
Example: 2⁄3, 2:3, 2 to 3

5 : 6
both 5 and 6 are terms
Each number in a ratio is called a term
Sarah has 3 cats and 1 dog. A ratio would be 3 to 1 for cats or 1 to 3 for dogs.
When ratios are equal they are called proportional
When a ratio has term that is 1 it is called unit rate
A ratio can compare a part to a part, a whole to part or part to a whole. A part to whole ratio is called a fraction
When given a ratio and trying to determine the unit rate you can divide one term into the other. Then place the answer over 1 which would be your unit rate
10 cookies to 5 kids
10/5= 2
place the 2 over 1
My unit rate is 2 cookies for 1 kid
You can determine if the ratios are proportional by cross multiplying them and comparing the products
2/3 ,6/9
2 x 9 and 3 x 6
2x9=18 and 3x6=18
These two ratios are proportional
Name a term in the following ratio
If the ratio was 6 green pencils to 2 blue pencils what would be the unit rate for green pencils?
Would a ratio of 4 green pencils and 3 blue be proportional? Why or Why not?
A term would be 6 or 2
We would divide 6 by 2 and get 3 so our unit rate would be 3 green pencils for every 1 blue pencil
If we cross multiply (6x3=18) and (2x4=8) we would discover that the products are not equal therefore the two ratios are not proportional
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