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Copy of API Economy Update

Open API Economy presentation for Cloud Identity Summit 2012

Craig Burton

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of API Economy Update

Identity and
the API Economy
Baking your core competency
into an open API is a
economic imperative.
The Open API Economy
If you are not engaged in generating or enabling open API’s for your business—
you are not in the game.
And one more thing...
Projected Growth
API Economy
API Growth Over Time
Business API Classes
the product
the product
the product
powers and feeds

the product

RESTful--URI-based interface
JSON/JSON Path--data-oriented encoding and query
Webhooks--URI-based callbacks
Loosely Coupled--discrete components
Late Binding--context
Event Driven(Evented API)--proactive interaction
OAuth--tokenized authentication
OPEN ID Connect--RESTful API for SAML
API Technologies
Baking your core competency into an open API is a economic imperative.
If you are not engaged in generating or enabling open API’s for your business—you are not in the game.
Craig Burton
Distinguished Analyst
source: 3Scale
source: 3Scale
*source: 3Scale
Everyone and everything will be API-enabled.
Soap vs REST
OAuth vs. Password
My Projections
Everyone and everything is API-enabled
3X Devices per person--21 billion by 2016
21b + 7b=28 billion APIs
This does not count any other entities (organizations, govs, etc.)
1.5m new IDs per day
1,065.45 new Id per second
Why 28 Billion APIs Changes Everything About Identity
The majority of APIs need to be Trusted.
Identity is the new Perimeter.
Current trust models for authentication do not scale.
SAML is a one-to-one relationship protocol
There aren't enough living Admins to keep up with a fraction of demand.
639,270 Admins 12 hours a day 5 years
Requires automation. Automation requires APIs.
The SAML Model 1:1 Does not Scale
Hybrid Model
Identity Management as a Service
The Future of Authentication
Federation uses broken non-distributed centralized trust model. (Single IdP at one location)
Hybrid uses distributed multi-centered trust model (Trust Frameworks.)
What does it Mean?
SAML is dead.
SAMLaaS is a short term fix.
Hybrid and trust frameworks are the new Identity solutions.
IdMaaS is a Cloud-based hybrid that uses trust frameworks (and more)
Open API Growth Rate
This Prezi
Source: KuppingerCole
Dark APIs are 5X
Growth Rate of Open APIs
30K Open APIs by 2016
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