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Preventive maintenance

No description


on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Preventive maintenance

Maintenance Random maintenance Reactive maintenance Done in an inconsistent manner do to poorly skilled on-site staff
high staff turn-over
Property/facility managers lacking building system knowledge
Changing property management contracts
Changing property ownership
Lack of comprehensive preventive maintenance plan
Owners/property and facility managers not buying into the PM program Cause loss of Efficiency Useful life no maintenance Good maintenance 2 high cost methods Test, maintain and replace
Apply maintenance when a failure appears Optimal maintenance Non destructive testing Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Nondestructive and noninvasive method •Nondestructive, but invasive method •Destructive Dismantles, to change malfunctioning parts Doesn’t dismantles the whole equipment, rather change simpler parts like filters and make analysis change for brand new DEFERRED & “MOTHBALLING” period of maintenance determined
one-time cost need to be calculated to restore the systems operating efficiency
risk: to deferrer beyond recovery point Common application when building is being shut down for a period of time: Mothballed condition(protection for the system) Preventive Maintenance
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