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Cindy Moening

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Jesus chose them! The 12 Apostles The End! Peter:

First Pope of the Church

One of the "big three"

Name means "rock"

Brother of Andrew


Crucified upside down Andrew


Brought his brother
Peter to Jesus

Crucified on an X-shaped cross

Patron saint of Scotland James the Greater

Brother of John
"Son of Thunder"


One of the three to witness
the Transfiguration

First apostle martyred -
by beheading Judas Iscariot

In charge of the common funds

Betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver

Never returned to Jesus for forgiveness Philip

Received a direct invitation from Jesus

Told his friend Nathanael

Did missionary work in present day Turkey

Died hanging from a pillar, making this his symbol John
One of the "Big Three"

Brother of James the Greater
"Sons of Thunder"


The teenage apostle
(only unmarried apostle)

The apostle Jesus loved
(one of the big three)

Took care of Mary
after Jesus' death

Only apostle to die a natural death

Evangelist Bartholomew

AKA Nathanael

Israelite without guile

Killed after being tortured

Symbol is a knife Matthew

AKA Levi


Tax collector
(prompt response to His call)

Symbol is a man James the Less

Brother of Jude

Either shorter or younger than the other James

First bishop of Jerusalem

Wrote an epistle

Beaten to death -
symbol is a club Jude

Brother of James the Less

AKA Thaddaeus

Patron saint of hopeless causes

Wrote an epistle

Crucified, then shot by arrows, then cut up by ax Simon


Preached in Egypt

Symbol is a saw -
was beaten with clubs, then sawed to pieces Matthias

Elected by the other 11 to take the place of the betrayer Thomas

Doubted Jesus' resurrection

Carpenter - symbol is a

Killed by a spear, buried in India
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