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Hi Babe :3

No description

Daniel Ma

on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of Hi Babe :3

Hi Babe :3
School is about to start and so is a whole new year of love, love between you and me, and love that will continue on beyond infinity
So Here is You!
Oh I don't want these words to block your beautiful face
Babe you're so perfect. You are a talented and wonderful girl. You have this super natural ability to be good at everything you try to do. You have the greatest personality ever, funny, exciting, adventurous, and nice :). And you're so fun babe.
Just playing with you in the sand is heaven. Wrestling around, trying to get sand into each others, special place. Oh just being with you baby I am so happy, hell would be heaven if I knew you were there by my side :)
Baby, kissing you is a moment of heaven. It is like nothing in the world, I love it, and I want to just show you how much I love you. You kissing me babe, it has a similar effect, it just feels so good to be wanted by a girl as amazing as you. Babe moments like the one in the photo, they will continue on forever, just like we will continue on forever, even past the end. Babe I love you so much. I never will stop, being with you is a basic neccesity, just like food, water, and shelter :)
And....Here is Me
Babe, I've made mistakes in the past, but I know that I've done one thing right, and that is falling so hard and deep in love with you. Never going to stop babe, I want a future with you, I see it, and the best thing in the world is that you see it too. It fills me with the greatest feeling in the world baby, and it makes me so happy, so happy knowing that all this love I have for you it isn't stopped dead in its tracks, but instead it is eaten up and your love is given to me in return. Oh babe forever this will go on, I want it more than anything.
Babe yesterday, when we were wrestling and you just said forever, out of random then kissed me, it felt so good babe! I love you so much babe! You, only you make me feel like the second greatest person in the world, second to only you of course ;). Baby you make me more happy than anyone or anything ever will. You are the one, and I will stick to you past the end of my days. Forever, it isn't too hard, especially if its a mutual feeling. :)
So Babe... This right here is us, lets keep it going, forever seems like the right thing to do :). In inescapably in love with you, and I bet its a mutual feeling ;)
This is us, we need more of it
More of this, is a wonderful Idea
Sleep more together, that was really fun :)
Hey look its you!
And right there is me
Baby, We belong together
Maybe Scott can join us...
And in the future
We could raise a family ;)
Baby, I love you, nothing will ever keep me from you
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