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Opening Day Sept. 2


Tim Kaltenecker

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of Opening Day Sept. 2

Mission Lifelong Learner Standards Do You Believe? In an environment of mutual respect, the Byram Hills School District and its community will provide students with the means, the knowledge, and the opportunity to excel in order to become productive and responsible citizens of the twenty-first century.
The district philosophy articulates the importance of an informed citizenry, the objective of honoring each student as an individual, and the belief in lifelong learning. "Success is
the peace of mind
which is a direct result of the self-satisfaction in knowing
you have made the effort to become
the best of which you are capable." --John Wooden "As educators, we have the extraordinary ability
to give children
the positive attitude and skills
to enable them to dream
and fulfill their dreams." -- Carol Fisher "I know, deeply, that organizational strength
comes from learning together,
sharing values,
and looking at the system as a whole with
accountability for our mission."
-- Jackie Taylor Coman Hill Wampus HCC BHHS Jane del Villar - Cafeteria

Jean White - Cafeteria

Kath Meaney - 203

Michelle See - 206 - All groups to Bobcat Hall Jill Berner - 217

Heather Luis - 215

Melissa Ruttanai - 213

Jackie White - 110 Art - 108 Science - 111

English - 320 Social Studies - 119

Foreign Lanuage - 207 Special Education - 117

Guidance - 216 Music - 219

Math - 106 Physical Education - 205 "Sometimes you are the only one
who believes in us."
-- Dalton Sherman Welcome Back, Teachers!
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