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The Reign of Terror

No description

Catherine Natale

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of The Reign of Terror

The Reign of Terror
Escape to varennes, Austria
"The National Razor" aka The Guillotine
Marie Antoinette's Demise
The Execution of Louis XVI
Quick Review:
List the 4 major causes of the French Revolution

What did the 3rd estate rename themselves?

What officially started the French Revolution?
Life in France during the Reign of Terror
France needed to raise large army to fight against neighboring European powers

Mass Conscription: required all males to serve in the army
Turned tide of war
Led by General Napoleon Bonaparte

Focused on defeating leaders

What happened to Robespierre?
Robespierre: arrested/overthrown
Attempted to commit suicide
Shot himself in the jaw
He survived
He was then seized and
via Guillotine (1794)
Terror ends - power shifted back to moderates
End of the French Revolution (1799)
Accepting Change?
Louis XVI accepts changes brought forth by the revolution

July 1790: took oath to new Constitution
*France officially becomes a
Constitutional Monarchy
The Reign of Terror Begins
Committee of Public Safety
: took over France in 1793

Lead by :
& other radical leaders (Jacobins)
Use force to achieve goals
Laws passed to allow the arrest of anyone
No rights to defend selves
Killed anyone who went against them

About 40,000 people executed during Reign of Terror

Why is this so important?
1. Cut victim's hair above neckline
2. Strap victim to board and harness with belt straps face-down
3. Slide victim into snug little neck/head hole and seal with board
4. Make sure basket in in place to catch head/blood
5. Release the blade
Recap of the French Revolution
Royal family on "house arrest"

Threats sent daily to King & Queen

Decide to pack up children and escape in the middle of the night
dressed in disguises to go unrecognized
What does this mean for France?
Monarchy: officially overthrown once Louis XVI is arrested and jailed

Republic: government without a King, in which citizens are given the right to elect representatives
Every adult male in France could vote

Louis XVI put on trial for crimes against his people and is executed (1793)
Did they make it?
Family is caught

People heard of escape and were on the lookout

Recognized Louis XVI through disguise
Picture on money

Given arrest warrant and sent back to Paris
Treasonable dealings with foreigners
Louis: immediately sent to jail upon return

Officially loses title as "King"
No more power/authority

Jacobins and the Girondins:
Radical thinking group
Led by Maximilian Robespierre
Members of the Bourgeoisie
3rd Estate - National Assembly
Show importance of citizens
"Right to Life"
Demanded immediate execution of Louis XVI
Part of the Jacobin Club
Later separated
More moderate thinking group
Supported war against Austria
bring nation together
Loved the King but wanted change
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