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Should there be limitations applied to paparazzi?

No description

breanna high

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Should there be limitations applied to paparazzi?

Interesting facts also
The fatal accident
Thesis statement
Real Life Damage
on the morning of august 27th , 1997 Princess Diana was chased by the paparazzi. as a result of the chasing she died. Although she was rushed to the emergency room and surgery was attempted she still died. The paparazzi pursued her everywhere she went , till the end of her death.
Bizarre Unethical Tactics of the paparazzi
The paparazzi are crazy they have done many bizarre things such as
Car chases:

Lindsay Lohan , Scarlett Johansson, Halle berry , and Princess Diana were all involved in car accidents while being chased by paparazzi. one paparazzi even caused an accident on purpose with Catherine Zeta-Jones to get her out of her car for a photo. Princess Diana was killed in a car crash while trying to get away from the paparazzi.
Fire alarms have been Sett off
to force their objects to evacuate a building.
they have also been caught Peeking through open drapes
of celebrity houses to take photos of a celebrity's private life.
Friday, Apr,30th,2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Paparazzi Should be stopped!
The laws of photography
Thesis statement What are paparazzi/ What do they do?
Pros and cons
Brief history overview
Interesting Facts on paparazzi
The laws of photography
Real life damage
Any questions?
Work cited

In California , paparazzi are legally prohibited from trespassing on private property, using telephoto lenses to survey private property or pursuing targets in cars.
In the United states, Police crime scenes , disasters , fires or riots are considered secured emergency areas. Photography isn't legal in these situations without permission.
Photos of a person in a public place can't be used to promote any goods or services without permission.

Paparazzi and limitations
A paparazzi is a freelance photographer. A freelance photographer is a person who takes photos with no money being involved. The paparazzi job is to pursue in other words follow celebrities around to get photographs of them.
I believe that paparazzi should no longer be a legal job they are starting to hurt celebrities not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and personal.
It all started with paparazzo, a not-so-pleasant photographer in the 1960 film La Dolce Vita. The Italian word paparazzo refers to the annoying buzz of a mosquito. Its plural form is paparazzi. With the increase of popularity of tabloids and online blogs, the demand for paparazzi increased. There are eight times as many paparazzi in los Angeles today as there were 10 years ago.
Brief history overview
Pros and Cons of paparazzi
The cons of the paparazzi include causing problems for celebrities, causing lack of privacy and lack of safety due to constant demands of the paparazzi. the pros of paparazzi include The pros to celebrity paparazzi is society's love of knowing celebrity life.
As you have seen paparazzi are bizarre.They bring us no peace, they do illegal things , they cause drama , tell lies , ruin celebrities lives , and etc. I say there should be limitations to paparazzi why not? Everyone deserve to have their privacy to their self even celebrities. Some people say that the paparazzi are just doing their job others say paparazzi are out of control. I say that it’s time to put a stop to the madness of the paparazzi.
Work Cited

Any Questions??
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