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Quality Assurance Mechansim

No description

Gill golder

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Quality Assurance Mechansim

Benchmarking Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education 2010 - Master's Characteristics
Structure and delivery
Volume of learning and credit
Teaching, learning and assessment
Relationship to further study or employment Quality Assurance The systems are based on quality control through internal and external peer review, continuous monitoring and student feedback Student Voice ASSESSMENT REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES UCP Marjon Validation Collaborative Provision Regulations and Procedures Quality Assurance Mechanisms Applied Professional Studies (subject specific) Confirmation of consideration of operational issues relating to quality and standards
Modes of teaching and learning delivery
Modes of assessment and feedback
Responsibilities for enrolment and registration of students (via Head of Registry and Student Administration)
Examination and assessment requirements (via Head of Registry and Student Administration)
Language of delivery and assessment*
External Examination arrangements (via Academic Standards Officer)
Responsibility for and wording of certificates and transcripts
(via Head of Registry and Student Administration)
Responsibilities for academic standards and quality
Provision of student information and guidance
Student Support environment
Appropriate staffing
Annual Monitoring and review
Notification to relevant professional or statutory bodies
Reference to Academic Infrastructure and other external reference points Master's considered to be of the 'professional/practice' type often combine structured and independent learning methods alongside time spent in practice Specialist / Advance - enabling students to focus on a particular aspect of a broader subject area in which they have prior knowledge or experience through previous study or employment Generic Grade descriptors
Knowledge and understanding
Intellectual skills
Practical skills
Transferable / key skills Subject Specific benchmarking statements
Physics 2008; Chemistry 2007 Descriptor for a higher education qualification at
level 7: Master's degree The Academic Board - supervises, maintains and develops of quality assurance procedures.
Learning, Quality and Standards Committee (LQSC) - operational implementation of these processes . Peer review operates in:
internal and external scrutiny of new provision as part of the validation process;
periodic review and re-validation panels;
internal audits commissioned by LQSC;
the external examiner system;
external review audit and inspection, eg by the QAA
external academic, professional and vocational assessment and accreditation Continuous monitoring takes place by:
external examiners’ reports and the responses to them;
student feedback;
subject, programme and school meetings;
annual subject and programme reports, leading to School summative reports to LQSC;
Annual Programmes report;
the Annual University College Report. Student feedback includes
The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey
The University College Student Experience Questionnaire
VLE Forums
Module evaluations
Student membership of committees and panels Module Assessment Board:
agree the final version of the minutes
scrutinise the marks or grades relating to each module
make decisions in relation to each student
confirm the marks or grades
assign credit to individual students
make recommendations for resit and/or deferral
authorise the update of the Student Record System
receive an oral report from each External Examiner
consider the adequacy of all assessments Progression and Award Boards
exercise discretion for valid extenuating circumstances
Decisions are determined whether any student shall be:
allowed to make good failure,
progress to the next stage,
extend registration,
categorized award
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