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No description

elijah taplin

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Aladin

Genie's Story By:Elijah Taplin My best friend, Aladdin was the one to set me free. The young boy who stole alot of things because his father was broke and he couldn't afford anything. Now thanks to me and his girlfriend, Princess Jazmine, he's rich, famous, and everyone loves him! But you need to know how this all happened. My Story One day I was in my lamp, just like every other day in that dark cave full of riches when somebody rubbed my lamp. That made me happy because that meant i could see the world and meet new people.
"I am the Genie Slave of the magic lamp. I shall grant you three wishes then send me back into the lamp." I said. The boy looked amazed. He kept looking at me , then the lamp, then at his little monkey.
"Oh magic Genie of this lamp," he said with a huge smile " I want my first wish to get all of us out of here. Including you!" He said.
"Your wish is my command." I said. I crossed my arms and did the little Genie thing I'm suppose to do and poof! We were all out of the cave and in front of a tent like looking house.
"This is home." The boy said. "My name's Aladdin by the way and this is my monkey, Abu." I waved kindly at the monkey and he ran off. Aladdin then started staring off into space like a freak or something.
"Master? What are you looking at?" I asked. Aladdin seemed like he was in love.
"The palace. There lives the BEAUTIFUL Princess Jazmine." He said romatically. I stared at him.
" I can get her to talk to you. I am a Genie." I told him.
" I don't know Genie." He said not sure.
"Trust me" I told him. I crossed my arms and did the Genie thing again. And bam the princess was right with us.
" Where am i?" She asked. "Who are you? What am i doing here?" She said freaking out.
"Your higness please allow me to explain." Aladdin said.
"No need. I always wanted to get out of there. But who are you?
"I'm Aladdin, this is my Genie. The reason your here. I just wanted to talk to you. You're very pretty." He blushed.
"Thank you," She smiled " do you want to go to the palace and eat with me? You look starved." She offered.
"Are you sure your higness?" He asked.
"100 percent. And call me Jazmine. Please." She smiled again. She asked me if we could take my lamp and I to the palace too, i said it would be an honor. Once we got to the palace , I saw that a strange man came and snatched my lamp.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNCLE!?" Jazmine screamed at her Uncle.
" This is the lamp i've been looking for! Thank you dear pesent boy" He laughed. Then rubbed my lamp I came out instantly.
"Make me powerful." Jazmine's uncle demanded. I did what I was forced to do and made him powerful.
"Make me the wealthest man in the world." Jazmine's uncle demanded again. I was his slave once again and did what i was told.
"Make me a Genie a free Genie. Slave for no one." Jazmine's uncle used his finally wish. I was forced to go back into my lamp, and wait for Aladdin or Jazmine to rubb it again. All I could do was hear. I heard so much. A sword swinging, Jazmine yelling, Aladdin yelling, and the uncle also. Then all of a sudden somebody rubbed my lamp. I came out very scared.
"It's okay." Aladdin asured me. "He's gone and we're all safe." I smiled and grabbed both, Aladdin and Jazmine, and spun them around.
"Genie! Wait I want to make my last wish!" I looked at Aladdin witha big grin still on my face.
"Yes master, friend, Aladdin?" I said waiting for his wish.
" I wish you're a FREE Genie" Aladdin said. I smiled very big again. I crossed my arms, and poof! The chains on my wrist came off and i could go anywhere and do anything!" What Happened What's Happening Now Now what happening is Aladdin and Jazmine are happily married! And me? I'm a free Genie! Finally! Me and Aladdin are best friends and we ALL live "Happily Ever After!"
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