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The Life Cycle of Frogs

Lets journey along the life cycle of frogs.

Allan West

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The Life Cycle of Frogs

What is a frog? Is it an animal or a plant? Animal CORRECT! Plant Incorrect :( So now that we know that
they are a animal, lets start
looking at the big picture. Where do frogs live? They live in water. Normally in a pond. But where do frogs come from? Okay, fine. If you really want
to know then lets talk about the
Life cycle of a frog! Here is a diagram
of the life cycle of
a frog. EEWWW! Gross, I know. However,
this is how they grow. Lets go ahead and check out some photos of how frogs grow. Look at this wonderful frog
HABITAT. I haven't ever seen
a better place for frogs to live. If you look here you
might even see some
frog eggs. What are
frog eggs called? Frogspawn! Well done! As the frogspawn grows the little
black dots (those are the baby frogs)
will develop into what we call tadpoles.
That is the next stage of a frog's life cycle. This little guy is a
tadpole. Awwww, isn't
he cute! However, he wont
always look like this.
He is going to go
through some narley
changes. Tadpole changes You can see that his
legs are begining to form. Now you can see the tadpole looking
more like a frog. Thats more like it! Does this little guy look like
a real frog yet? What is different? That's right! This little guy still has his
tail. I wonder what will happen to it? This is a froglet. The tail is getting
shorter and shorter as it grows. "What happens next?" I hear you say.

Well, lets find out! We get a frog! We just went full circle. That is what a life cycle does. There is not start and and finish.
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