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claire Loudis

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Why Is Recycling important? Reduce: Use Less! Converting waste into new materials uses energy and resources Reuse: Use old materials in the same form or with added parts Think of the whole life cycle of a product: Cradle to Cradle VS. Cradle to Grave Recycle! Where to recycle around town Benefits? Monetary Don't buy things that are not recyclable
Cloth bags instead of plastic
Stop your junk mail
Drink out of reusable waterbottles
Plastic will send dioxin and other dangerous chemicals into the air
Buy glass if you have ideas for reuse
Free and readily available,
why not make stuff out of it, sell it or keep it so you don’t have to buy other necessary products? Other Resources:
Freecycle.org Free curbside recycling: No cost, call 311 to register http://www.nola.gov/RESIDENTS/Department-Of-Sanitation/Curbside-Recycling/ Glass: Nola works
Green project: latex paint, construction and art materials
Metal for cash!
cardboard to Homedepot
-Wal-mart: cans/ plastic/ glass for cash ticket Items accepted: paper products including office paper, newspapers and color inserts, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, paperboard boxes, telephone books, shredded paper, waxed juice or milk containers, plastic containers Coded #1 - #7 (water, soda, juice bottles, detergent containers etc.), plastic posts from nurseries, small metal cans, cardboard, plastic pots $ Poland scrap Metal (1741 Poland Ave New Orleans)
$ Parish metal scrap yard (11361 U.S. 190 Hammond)
$ Uptown recycling (1320 South Claiborne Avenue New Orleans)
$$ Ricca and Puderer demolishing and building (2645 Toulouse St New Orleans)
*recycle wire (if stripped worth 3x more) Glass: Nola Works 7701 Cohn Street Environmental Community
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