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Presentación GOCARE 2012-2013

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on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Presentación GOCARE 2012-2013

(Failed project)
Duration of the educational program: yearly
Start and completion of the educational program: January 2012
Number of students of the educational program: 69 students
Final Number: 2
Crozier Preschool It´s highly demanded in the community.
At the beginning of the school year 2013 parents requested to have more seats available because of the quality of education provided to their kids.
We have well prepared and experienced teachers that teach with passion.

We increased from 35 to 54 students. Two more classrooms were set to separate levels and the electrical system was improved to provide better infrastructure with existing resources.

3 independent levels
I level, II level, III level)
Kids are more confident.
Kids have an advanced knowledge, reading skills and Comprehension.
There is a teacher for every level.
Kids continue through the end of the school year.
Parents are involved in their kids’ education:
Security issues
Restrooms condition.
Pre School
Before and after
School Reinforcement

( I Grade, II Grade, III Grade, IV Grade, V Grade, VI Grade)
119 Students
(7 8 9)
Kids are motivated to learn.
Volunteers willing to help with school assignments.
High attendance of students even though we didn´t provide 100% support.
Non appropriate follow up from volunteers in charge of the program – Need to talk to teachers, parents, and follow academic performance.
Not enough space. Kids are exposed to sun and rain.
Number of Students in the program
339 students
kids and adults
Students feel confident because they have more advanced knowledge than other kids at their same age.
Each student work in an individual computer.
A workbook is provided to every student for them to study at home.
Classes are taught by volunteers with advanced knowledge in computing and they give confidence to the students.
Improve teaching method
Provide more teaching supplies.
Well trained teacher with good English skills that allows learning environment.
Teacher has vision of Gocare mission.
Supplies given to improve class
There is no course description and objectives established
English initial

114 students
La Chureca
This program allows students to have better job opportunities because English is a primary tool nowadays.
Mont Berkeley
Delayed academic reports from Mont Berkeley
Lack of commitment from the students to go to class
50 students
University and
Private Universities
44 students: (12 public) (30 private) (2 vocational)
Public Universities
We provide an active comunication link between the university, the student and GOCARE.
Most of our scholarship students have the vocation of volunteering to provide what they received in knowledge and share it with the community.
Brings the opportunity to interact with other people and be in a different environment which allows them to be independent.
We demand and monitor academic proficiency.
Reports of qualifications of the students do not come in time to the department of education of GOCARE.
Students are not completely prepared to deal with academic issues.
Lack of communication between students and the Dept. of their careers to express their academic problems.
Young and Adults III levels:
GOCARE – Adults
II Level: 3rd y 4th Grade
III Level: 5th y 6th. Grade
“Yo si puedo”: 6th Grade.
Iliterate of six grade.
(284 students)
Advanced Primary
Sandino II
Advanced Secondary
I II III divided into Cycles
Cycle A: Mathematics, Spanish, English.
Cycle B: Natural Sciences (Biology, Anatomy) social Sciences (Geography, Physics, Socials)
Cycle III
Cycle A: (Mathematics, Spanish, English) Cycle B: (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences),
Spanish, English, Social Sciences
1.1 I Level: 1st and 2nd grade
1.2 Programa de III Ciclo
Iliteracy program
School drop-out null.
Teachers develop the GOCARE-MINED program in a satisfying manner according to the MINED- GRANADA guidelines.
Didactic materials and support materials available.
Motivated students by teachers.
Qualified and competent teachers.
High demand of the program .
Volunteers contributed significantly to the educational program.
Updating teachers training on active – participatory methodologies.
Whiteboards stands are required, to archieve the class goals.
Adults education
“Sewing class"

20 students
It allows women to start working immediately from home because they are granted a sewing machine.
They have the opportunity to earn money on a daily basis.
They have the opportunity to be self-employed.
Students are unaware techniques and management of how to develop a business plan.
Students do not know that they have potential and skills to carry out the empowerment labor through a business, because they are not sure of themselves after they finish the course.
Over the last year Gocare has experienced a major improvement in all the programs because of the confidence and trust that our communities are showing in us.
Our success is based in the accomplishments of our promises.
Staff visited the project periodically, following our working model, to support the classes. There was a special bond with community.
Time invested in community: 1 year Initiation and follow up.
Classes: 7 months
Supplies, t shirts and materials were purchased to motivate community and given to them as we promised with the project to achieve success.
Chairs, tables and fans were purchased and some stolen within the community.
Teacher was hired to provide better quality education.
Food package was given once a month as a reward for attending the class.
Lack of willingness on the part of students
Lack of physical infrastructure which caused instability in the students and teachers.
Relocation of the community toward the new houses.
Now the comunity have to asume all the expenses..
Decline of presence of organizations that were responsible for distributing basic food, which now they have to assume all the expenses.
Working hours in the spanish power plant where our former students, who worked in different rotating schedules.
Gocare gave a food incentive in which there was dependence toward the program.
Changes of teachers throughout the program for the safety of the area.
Indispocision by former coordinator of educational programs.
Possibles reasons of the failure program
This program allows students to have a permanent educational support and the tools to succeed as students. It contributes indirectly motivating families to learn for a better life.
This program allows students to have skills and tools in a globalized environment.
Adults are able to apply for better positions at jobs.
Promotes a healthy self-esteem in the student and motivates kids to improve communication skills
Daily sessions
Saturday sessions
Education is more demanding.
Complete contents.
Good Infrastructure
Guaranteed books for every student
Education provided in a prestigious institution
Facilitates self-improvement while giving them the opportunity to be out of the community.
Fluency on completion of the course.
This program represents a total change for the students because they are exposed to a different environment, it opens a world of opportunities for them; in the past they didn´t have the vision of becoming a professional and having this knowledge brings them confidence and motivates volunteer work.
Helps improve family incomes by empowering women to work from home and be able to take care of their children.

Story corner
Encourage the kids to have the habit of reading.
Willingness on the part of the children and volunteers to make the program a reality.
Provides a better understanding in reading and encourages analysis.
There is no space for the proper development of this program.
60 kids were in the program when it began and now we have 15-20 kids.
Very frequent distractions by the presence of other educational programs carried out in the center at the same time of Story Corner.
36 students
Pre course
for University
Students become familiar with the college environment and developing their lives goals.
The course is designed to prepared students to take the math and language admission exam in the public university system in Nicaragua.
Our preparation program provides the skills to compete with students all over Nicaragua to enter the public university system

The students of the program have weaknesses in mathematics and Spanish after they finish high school.
The duration of the pre course was not sufficient to learn the required material.

Interact with others and have new friends
Self-confident to successfully manage their environment
Set goals in a short and long term period.
Teach leadership techniques
Rotary Clubs minimaly involved
Transportation issues
Agreement with
Rotary Club of Granada
-Cleaning roles after school sessions
-Kids assist every day to class.
-Parents collaborate with some school supplies
vocational schoolarships
All of them still have their sewing machines .
4 of them are working in manufacturing.
One of them works on her own bussiness, she makes mosquito nets.
16 women work at home with the sewing machine we provided. They make US$5.00 a day. This amount of money sustain a family.
Course 2012:
20 approved
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