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Heralding a new era of communication

Say it clearly, say it colourfully.

Shane Brown

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Heralding a new era of communication

Once upon a time...
The Baron took great pride in communicating with his townsfolk on a daily basis via his trusty Herald – an eloquent speaker with a powerful voice and superior storytelling skills.
Involving a golden fleece...
there was a faraway kingdom ruled by a Baron who truly understood the value of sharing information.
The Herald unwittingly became embroiled in an unfortunate series of misadventures...
Nowadays, it's
than news!
Heckled the Jester one day from amongst the yawning crowd.
Things came to a head when he was tasked with announcing a truly momentous event:
The Baroness had finally given birth to a healthy baby boy, son and heir to the Kingdom!
But as soon as the Herald began to impart the great news, the awaiting crowd promptly fell asleep.
Walking back to his cottage feeling sad and dejected the Herald moaned to himself,
"Who are you?"

asked the
startled Herald.
Plagued by the Wizard's powerful
curse, the Herald's messages became monotonously dull. There was no real narrative, no wow factor, nothing.
Even worse, the nature of the spell
meant that the more important the
story, the more boring and tiresome
the Herald's voice became...
Everyone within earshot considered his prosaic announcements to be of monumental interest – even on the quietest of news days!
And a Wizard with an evil curse, which culminated in him losing his gift of the gab.
Get on
with it
You've lost your way with words
said the Baron.
You must find a way to reverse the curse and recover your previously unrivaled powers of communication, otherwise I'll be forced
to replace you
"The Purple Fairy
at your service"
answered the supernatural entity.
"I'm here to grant
your wish. From now on you'll once again have
the ability to captivate
an audience."
The Baron was furious. His family's big moment had been ruined, and the Herald was immediately summoned to appear before him.
From that day onwards the Herald’s messages were infinitely more enlightening, engaging and compelling than ever before.
And they all listened
happily ever after.

"I wish someone
could help me to
reverse the Wizard's
evil curse."
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