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Graduation Project Presentation

No description

Garrett Kiziah

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Graduation Project Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Tennis began in the early 1870's It was played by European Monks for entertaiment
purposes at religious ceremonies Major Walter Wingfield Patented
the rules and equipment of the sport as tennis became popular the courts moved
indoors and the ball was played
off of the wall As the game became more popular,
courts moved indoors and the ball
played off of the wall example of an early day indoor tennis court The look of the tennis ball has changed
over the years. at first the balls were
made of wads of hair or leather put
together. The modern day tennis ball is much
different from what it used to be.
now they are made of yellow felt. during the upcoming of the
sport, rackets weren't used,
the hand was. When rackets came into the picture,
they were made of wood Modern day rackets are made of either
composite or aluminum and are a lot
more durable than what they used to be. During the evolution of tennis the
courts were altered, and added
more space to the dimensions of
the court, and also moved back outdoors. Modern day tennis court. the first wimbledon tournament
was played in 1877. 1877 2010 The tournaments first victor was
Spencer Gore. The tennis ball went through many
different changes before reaching
the desired shape and size it is now. where it was played on the
lawns of english monistaries.
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