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ABC-SO MORNING 12/10/2018

No description

ELC Team

on 11 December 2018

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Transcript of ABC-SO MORNING 12/10/2018

Renucci Hospitality House

Child Life Services

Pastoral Care
Spectrum Health Foundation
Share with your table:
Table Introductions
Priority Health
The Medical Group
One Experience.
One System.
One Focus.
Corporate services that support the System include:
Human Resources (HR)
Information Services (IS)
The Foundation
System Communications & Marketing
The Hospital Group

A Healthcare System

Spectrum Health System Overview
InSite Tour
We are investing in you
What's next?
Your name
Your position
Which color "Me"
Why Spectrum Health

Black iPad Password 1498
White iPad Password 1114

Click finish at the end, please!

Do not take iPads with you!

Thank you!
Black iPad password: 1498 or 149898 if it requires 6 digits
White iPad password: 1114
Press the Home button to return to the main screen
Click on the SYSTEM Survey Icon
Please return your iPad after you are finished!
Spectrum Health Foundation
Nursing Scholarships
Additional funding for research and new technology
Services that may not be reimbursed by insurance or that need extra funding support:
Center for Child Protection
Burn and Asthma camps
K-9 Unit
Art and Music Therapy
Executive Exclusive
Inclusion & Diversity
Black iPads: 1498
White iPads: 1114
If it requires 6 digits: 149898
Click the white icon with
the mosaic labeled InSite
Spectrum Health's Intranet
Fun fact from "White Board"
Officer Fix
Officer Cain
Officer Rex
Reed City Hospital
Big Rapids Hospital
Kelsey Hospital
United Hospital
Butterworth Hospital
Blodgett Hospital
Helen DeVos Children's Hospital
Lemmen Holton Cancer Pavilion
Continuing Care
Pennock Hospital
Meijer Heart Center
Let's individuals compare the prices of services before you receive them and could save you thousands.
Enable and deliver the best health at the lowest total cost of care.
Provide a consistent, healing Spectrum Health Experience.
Be the safest and highest quality health system in the nation.
Evaluate, prepare and continue to take appropriate actions for movement toward value-based payments.
Improve operational and clinical efficiency and efficacy.
Be transparent.
Optimize the value of being an integrated system.
Drive Exceptional Value
Develop and implement the care model that is person-centered, inter-disciplinary, team-based and time-sensitive.
Include physicians and other providers in the design and implementation of clinical integration and care coordination improvements.
Leverage innovation and digital technology to foster health solutions.
Implement a standard, evidence-based approach for health with special attention to chronic disease.
Understand and proactively engage consumers to manage their health.
Grow and build new models around primary health services.
Transform the Care Model
Drive targeted actions to support and grow the care model.
Pursue market opportunities to achieve sufficient size and scale in accordance with our mission.
Foster traditional and non-traditional partnerships to advance growth.
Pursue alternative revenue and growth opportunities that optimize health.
Grow philanthropy.
Invest in research and academics with discipline.
Grow With Purpose
Develop new products, clinical programs, markets and tailored solutions.
Develop people to design the future and embrace innovation.
Develop and execute consistent, coordinated, convenient point of access.
Foster an inclusive and diverse culture.
Lead New Health Solutions
Nexus is a sweeping initiative that will improve our processes and coordination of care. It will allow us to know our patients better than ever before.
Joint Ventures
STR!VE members collaborate with Spectrum Health Medical Group providers to develop individualized primary care and wellness plans
North Flight Aero Med
Select Specialty Hospital
Health Pointe
Officer Bak
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