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Working With Sprites

Working with animated sprites and using sprite sheets to create animations

andrew murray

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Working With Sprites

How to Use Animated Sprites Animated Sprites Create a sprite by right-clicking the word sprite in the object list and choosing create sprite. Double-click the newly created sprite to open the sprite editor window. It is within the sprites entry on the object list.

Click the "Edit Sprite" button and add a series of
sprites like these: Sprite Sheets

First you have to open a sprite and then edit the sprite. Next you go to file and select create from strip then choose a sprite sheet you have already saved. once you have done that you need to edit the details to make the boxes fit the sheet. Changing direction of sprites:

To change the sprite with the direction you are going
you need to make a keyboard event and make a press left
event. Then make a change sprite action and choose a sprite
that is looking left or whatever direction you are pressing.
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