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plants grow from dead animals and crap...

van andrew gastilo

on 26 July 2011

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Transcript of HORSE POO IS IN MY FOOD?!

Hypothesis FERTILIZER Problem Purpose If I am going to base our experiment on time basis, then I think using synthetic fertilizer is better to use to produce more crops. If I am going to base our experiment on how
fetilizer helps on maintaining the soils sustainability
, then i think using Organic compost
is better to use growing crops. Procedure What are the benefits both economically and
agriculturally of growing your own organic
products as oppose to the ones purchased in
the market? Which is better to use organic fertilizer, or
synthetic fertilzer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of
utilizing organic and synthetic fertilizers? We also want to educate everyone how soil
is very important in terms of how we
get our food. We want to know which fertilizer
is better to use based on saving time
and money. We want to know how we can help
maintain the world's sustainability... Data Collection Sheldin and tristan were here! 2. share the work

3. research about fertilizer (e.g. history, etc.)

4. putting it all together

5. setting up an interview with an extension associate (agent) of horticulture, Mr. Jesse Bamba

6. we obtain different datas about the two fertilizers,

7. also able to differentiate their effects and benefits Results Conclusion Organic Compost Synthetic Fertilizer 1) how it is made & what it is made of 2) expense composting &
biodegradable materials (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Haber-bosch process factories &
products cost less &
very common it restores the nutrients and make the soil more fertile for the plants to grow depends on the availability of materials in your area 3) effects on the environment Process in which
factories mix nitrogen, phosphurus, and potassium. the three major nutrients plants need to grow. this procces also produces harmful chemials such as ammonia.

-www.princeton.edu/haber-Bosch-Process Future Present Past It increases soil
exhaustion. Organic compost
& Manure Hydroponics Fertilizer is any organic or inorganic material of natural or synthetic origin, thaty is added to a soil to supply nutrients that is essential to the growth of plants.

-Foodfacts.org- Fertilizers can be created from organic materials such as compost or manure

-Mr. Jesse Bamba, extension assoitate of horticulure Fertilizers mainly contain the nutrients, NPK

nitrogen, phosphurus and potassium

-hubpages.org/Natrual-and-Synthetic-Fertilizers Synthetic fertilizers can come
in two forms. solid and liquid. Compost Manure (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Compost Synthetic Fertilizer 1 2 3 4 Criteria Economic Enivornment 4 4 4 2 Bad Good Time 1 4 Quality 3 3 Total 12 13 4) time period 6) effects on
the produce 5) nutrients it
contains The growing of plants
without the use of soil.
The sponge provides meachanical
support. It takes the place of the soil. Very time consuming,
but has long term effects. saves a lot of time, and boosts production rate Equally Nutritious Both contain NPK which is essential for the
growth of the plant
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