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Instruction Manual

No description

Shuma Kise

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for making the celebration cards
What I need for making cards
- lap top or pc for making the card
- printer to print out the card
- log in to canva (the site I will
be using for making the card

Step 1
Type in and search canva using the aplications such as safari or google chrome
Step 2
When you go into canva, this log in screen shuld apear, so sign up or log in using google acount or the facebook acount
Step 3
When you log in, this screen should come up, so check that on the top right corner, you are logged in
Step 4
When you finished logging in, click on the "more" on right side
Step 5
When you click "more", this screen will come up, so scroll down until you see the "desktop wallpaper"
Step 6
when you found it, click it. I will be using this format this time as this is suitable for makind the celebration card that you fold into half and has 4 pages total
Step 7
When you click on desktop wallpaper, this screen should come up, so check that the size of paper you are using is the desktop wallpaper, which is 1920 by 1080
Step 8
Click on add new page on the bottom of the page. Add only 1 page.
Step 9
After adding a new page, search "line" on the search on the left top corner.
Step 10
Then click and drug one of the line to the card. You can pick any kind of line. This line will be separating the page into 2.
Step 11
Change the shape of the line so that it can fit in the middle and split the page into 2 like shown in the picture. These 2 pages will be inside of the card when printed.
Card we will be making will look like this
Card will have 4 pages, and will be folded into half.
Step 12
Do same for the secound page. If you want to change the color of the line, click on the black circle and pick the color.
Step 13
Click on the "background" on the left of the page.
Step 14
Click on the background you want to use and drug it to the page. Be sure to use the one that says "free" on the right bottom corner.
Step 15
Add the background to both page. When you added the background, it will look like this.
Step 16
If you want, change the color of the background.
When you click on the circle, the pallet will show up, as shown in picture above, so pick the color you want to use for the background.
Step 17
When you finished adding the background, you can start working on the card. I reccomend to start by adding some images or pictures on your card.
Step 18
To add a picture or the image to your card, first, search and find the image you want for your card.
Step 19
When you found the picture you want for your card, ctr and right click the picture, and click "save as".
Step 20
When you finished saving the picture, go back to canva and click on the upload on the left side.
Step 21
Step 22
Click the green botton that says upload the picture. Then choose the image you saved in step 18 - 19.
When you uploaded the image, it should apear in the upload section, so click and drug it to your card.
Step 24 -
When you place anything, such as image, picture or icon on the first page, place it upside down. This is very important as when you print the card double sided, one of the page will be flipped.
Step 25
Finish the rest of the first page. If you want to add icons that fits your card, search them using keywords. in the picture shown above, I typed in word "christmas" to find good pictures such as chrismas tree.
Step 25
For adding the lines on page, search line on canva and add it to your card.
Step 26
After adding the lines, change the shape and place them like shown in picture.
Step 27
When you finished placing the lines, it will look like this.
Step 28
Finish the secound page. You can place pictures, images and icons normally in the secound page.
Step 29
If you want to add frame for your pictures, search frame on canva and choose one and drug it to your card.
Step 30
Search picture that you will add into your frame and save the picture.
Step 31
After you saved the picture, upload it and drug the picture to the frame.
Step 32
When you placed the picture in frame, it will look like this. You can change picture of frame just like lines as well.
Step 33
When you finished all 4 pages and think you are done with the card, click download on the right top corner and choose one that says "PDF: for print"
Step 34
When you click it, this download screen will come up. so wait until the image donloads.
Step 35
When the download finish, this screen will come up, so close canva and print out your card. I won't be writing how to print the card as it changes depending on the type of laptop, such as mac or windows.
Step 36
For printing out the card in mac, click on the download
Step 37
Click and open the card that you have made
Step 38
Then click on the file on the left top corner and choose "print"
Step 39 - final step
Before you print, click on "print double sided" and click print
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