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Political Machines

No description

CJ Sindler

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Political Machines


Some industrial leaders were called “robber barons” because they
a. helped modernize America and provide jobs.
b. donated record amounts of money to charity.
c. amassed personal fortunes at the expense of others.
d. robbed the rich and gave to the poor

IMPARTIAL - adjective - fair and unbiased
The defense for the police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray has argued that the case should be moved from Baltimore, due to the fact that the jury would not be impartial
OBJECTIVE: Students will investigate the workings of 19th century political machines in order to compare them to the present day practice of political lobbying.
Warm-up - Do you think government works? >
How the Political Machine Works >
SIDESHOW - Parts of the Political Machine >
Lobbying - A legal politcal machine? >
EXIT TICKET - Is Lobbying a Political Machine?
How's your homework coming along? It's due next Tuesday!
On a scale from 1-10, how much control do you think citizens have over what the government does?
Turn to a partner and talk about it for a minute. Then write a response
A government needs to maintain power to keep control. For politicians, this means staying in office
In politics, money earned through political influence is called GRAFT. Graft can be earned in many ways, and most of it is illegal. For instance if you know a park is about to be built, you could buy property next to the future site of the park. Or you could help out a friend in industry by passing laws that favor his business, and he could give you gifts.
You need votes to stay in power, so some of the graft needs to be spent on convincing people to vote for you. This is often done by helping out poor immigrants by finding them jobs, or even setting them up with a house
HOLD ONTO YOUR CARD - The number is your reading group. The color will be your presentation group.
Artists - Help create notes on the white board
Scripters - Create notes for presenters (NEW ORGANIZER!)
Facilitators - Provide ideas for the two other jobs from your annotations (underlines!)
REMEMBER - Everyone will have to present so you better chip in because it'll be you up there!
A form of political influence for "the public" to ask things of politicians.

Politicians will "listen" to ideas in exchange for donations to their campaign fund.

Backed up by the first amendment: the public's right to petition, but it's mostly done by large corporations.
The real strength in political machines lay in their
a. belief that all their activities should be legal and moral.
b. help in finding jobs in exchange for votes.
c. policy that made it impossible for immigrants to find work.
d. Inventing new machines for factories

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