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Hangover Cast

No description

Dallas Drexler

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Hangover Cast

Zach Galifianakis aka: Alan in The Hangover Born- Oct. 1, 1969, in Wilkesboro, North Carolina In the late 1980s, Galifianakis attended North Carolina State University. He dropped out of college just one credit short of graduating. ONE CREDIT Was in a documentry called "The Comedians of Comedy" Reno 911 His most famous movie- Hangover Bradley Cooper aka: Phil in The Hangover Born- January 5, 1975, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania He developed a love of cooking at an early age Graduated- Georgetown University in 1997 - English degree first television commercial- Fast-food chain He made his TV debut two years later with a guest spot on the popular HBO show Sex and the City. Valentine's Day Film
Wedding Crashers
Failure to Launch
Yes Man
He's Just Not That Into You
Ed Helms aka: Stu in The Hangover Stars in The Office
Stars in The Hangover Justin Bartha aka: Doug in The Hangover Born- July 21, 1978 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Known for his co-starring role as Riley Poole in the National Treasure films and as Doug Billings in The Hangover. Graduated from West Bloomfield High School in 1996 Raised in West Bloomfield, Michigan
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