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The lost Colony Roanoke

No description

Elise May

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of The lost Colony Roanoke

The Lost Colony of Roanoke
Elise & Bailey
This is the Story of something lost, something gone forever... This is the story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. We're Elise and Bailey, and we are here to tell you all about it.
Important People
Now we will go on to talk about some of the notable or important people i the Roanoke colony mystery.
The first one is John White.
John White
John White was one of the people that did not disappear after the mystery. He was acting as an artist and mapmaker when he was traveling with the Roanoke colony. He was sent to go back to England for more supplies, but when he came back there was no one there.

Ralph Lane
I wasn't able to find much stuff on him but this is what I got. The colony was run by Ralph Lane after Sir Richard Grenville

When was the colony established and how many settlers
The Roanoke colony was established in 1585, with 100 house holders
The colony of Roanoke was located off of the coast of North Carolina.

Roanoke was about 8 miles long, and 2 miles wide
There was the word Croatoan on a post cro on a piece of bark
There was 117 settlers lost and only 1 body was found
They didn’t find anything at Croatoan island either
Referred to as The Lost Colony
The first child born of English parents in America was Virginia Dare, the granddaughter of John White.
the word 'Croatoan' had been carved into a post and the letters 'Cro' had been carved into a tree, making John White think they went to croatoan island
The colonists arrived to late in the season to plant any crops that would survive the winter

Leading Theories
There are many theories and other things about what really happened. Some believe that they were captured by hostile spanish people coming up from the south. Others believed that they just simulated into the native population. Some even believe they were lost at sea with no resources. There is no real proof for any of it though. But one very probable choice is that when the supply people came all there were was corpses. They then covered it up to keep people from thinking that coming to America was sudden death. Sure enough that worked and the new generation started. Some other theories are that the indians attacked the colonists and wrote the word croatoan on a post as a victory in war sign. Another theory is that the whole colony was infected by a disease, but no bodies were found, so it probably didn’t happen. But as we said, they could have covered it up. One that we made up was that the words Cro and Croatoan meant nothing. The real truth was that the spanish people came for a war, they defeated them and Croatoan was where they went but they had already killed the people and left by the time John White had gotten there.

Thank You for watching!
Any questions?
Get ready for your mind to be blown!
He was the person who found the words cro and croatoan on the tree and post!
Virginia Dare
First person born to English parents in America. Virginia Dare’s parents were among the 120 settlers who landed in Roanoke Island, Virginia (present-day North Carolina), in 1587. Her grandfather was the colony’s governor.

That's a lot of people on one ship!
I wonder If it was hot?
(We will answer that question later)
pretty rough for a first start!
Most probable Theory
We thought that the colony had been attacked by the Spanish, they killed the settlers on the island of Croatoan which is the words carved on the tree, but by the time the other people got there they were already gone. One person escaped back to the village and died eventually, that is the bones.

That must have been brutal!
Why is our theory Probable
You know the word cro on the tree of Roanoke? It could be nothing. Same with croatoan. It could have been a carving from a child. My theory is that the Spanish had come up for a war, upset that the settlers were on their land. The Spanish captured them, and took them as slaves. One colonist escaped. That is why there was only one body at the Roanoke sight. That theory is just one of the many good theories. Any of them could have been the real one but this is very possible. Scientists have been searching for decades, and only find a mystery. But I find the truth.

The End
Well we have talked a whole lot about this colony but I think it is about time to wrap this up.
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