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Emily Fairbairn

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Kuwait

Location: You Can fly or sail Regions Human Environment Interactions: In Kuwait they have oil rigs and oil fields.
Kuwait also owns shipping ports. Kuwait is North Eastern Hemisphere. Kuwait is also located 300 miles North of the Tropic Cancer.
The coordinates are 29.3286 degrees North and 48.0034 degrees East. Movement Kuwait's harbor ships oil to Persia, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, and Arabia. You could move to this state because Kuwait has history, the climate is great ;a little hot, but good. And the economy is good because of the oil fields. Imports: Mineral Fuel and oil, Fertilizers, perfumery and cosmetics, and other miscellaneous chemical products. Prohibited imports: Pork/ pork products, Alcoholic beverages, pornography and or gambling machines. Kuwait Emily and Cortney Exports: Machinery, vehicles, electrical machinery, aircraft, optic and medical instruments, vegetable oil, fresh/chilled/frozen meat, and processed meat. Languages: Mostly English and also speak Arabic. Neighbors of Kuwait are Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait and Iraq have some of the same traditions like clothing, food, and flea markets. Kuwaits government pariamentiay constitutional monarchy Emir which is the head of government. Kuwait is not a democracy. In Iraq they also both have warm climates. Most people live near the coastline. More and more cities and industries settled on the coast for water, food, and for the industries to use the shipping ports. People settled in Kuwait for the oil, food, and land. People started using the land for their homes and oil fields. Place: Kuwait is above Saudia Aribia and below Iraq. Kuwait's land is 6,879 square miles. Kuwait is located on the Northern boarder along Persian Gulf. Kuwait's population is 2,595,628 persons. Kuwait has their main land and 9 islands. The land in Kuwait is very flat . In Kuwait there is dry desserts, very hot summers, and cool winters. In august high temperature is 112 degrees Fahrenheit and in January low 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Only a few women had jobs outside of the house. Ethnic groups: Kuwait's 45% and other Arab 35%
Religions: Muslim 85% Christian, Hindu, Parsi, and other 15%. Traditions: In Kuwait they have Camel racing, Diwaniyah, a place where the men get together to discuss things such as family problems. They have these meeting 2-3 times a week in a building, no subjects are restrained. They wear Afya which is a colorful headdress that men wear. They can be beads pearls and turquoise plastic. A law in Kuwait is that you cant eat pork or drink alcoholic beverages. People in Kuwait marry and divorce very fast, which equals a lot of kids. Foods: They eat grilled meat and love to drink coffee. They eat from fast food restaurants but mostly eat from KFC and Pizza Hut. You can travel by plane to Kuwait, it would take 2 days and 5 hours to get there. The amount of miles to get to Kuwait is 1,773.92. Kuwait's neighbors are Iran and Kuwait is between Iraq and Saudi Arabia. http://www.eia.gov/countries/cab.cfm?fips=KU
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