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clauses of result

No description

haifa Al Otaibi

on 21 February 2015

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Transcript of clauses of result

clauses of result
so + adjective / adverb + that
That Maths problem was
so difficult that
I couldn't solve it .
so + much / many little / few +noun+that
I've read this poem
so many times that
I know it by heart now .
such +a / an (adjective)+singular countable noun +that
such + adjective +uncountable/ plural countable noun + that
He was wearing
such strange clothes that
everyone was looking at him .

express the result of an action or a conclusion
They shouted
so loudly that
everybody heard them
It was
such a beautiful day that
we decided to go for a picnic.
such + a lot of + noun + that
I've put on
such a lot of weight that
I don't fit into my clothes any more .
too + adjective or adverb (+for somebody ) + full infinitive
This dress is
too expensive for me to buy .
(not) adjective or adverb + enough (+for somebody ) + full infinitive
This dress
isn't big enough for me to wear .
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