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CMA Social Media Workshop

Presentation for the first part of a workshop on social media held during the College Media Advisors NYC 2011 conference

Aram Zucker-Scharff

on 17 March 2012

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Transcript of CMA Social Media Workshop

Social Media: The Good, Bad and Ugly Don't automate social media content You get messy posts. On Facebook, every post needs 4 things An admin comment
An image
A 100 (max) character title
A 160 (max) character description Tweets should have full sentences and complete content. If you have a link use a link shortener
Avoid caps-locked words
Avoid including your site's name
Beter to use a lede than a story title
Include useful information Good engagement templates: Call to action - "Read this for more information about the power outage"
Question - "Did you know what caused the power outage?"
Intresting fact and number - "Over 3,000 students couldn't turn on the lights yesterday" Don't include the URL you are linking to in the admin's comment area.

That area is for you to be human. You can use OpenGraph to pre-set most of these things when you post. Social Media is about interactions If you don't engage with others, they'll never engage with you Or: If you walked into a friend's room and started talking to them, wouldn't you want them to talk back? But it is not just about having the right content Interact. Then take the next step: connect others. Use your page to like other pages relevent to your audience. Build lists on Twitter of people your audience wants to find. Other students
Local Businesses You want users to come to you
to find others. Find potential users via search and reach out to them. Make your site a center of activity as well. RSS is important Use FeedBurner to make it easy
and social. Use social media sharing buttons at the top.

Make your comments social too. Like buttons should show faces.
Don't forget StumbleUpon. Use the Facebook box Show the people who like your page.
If activity is high, show what users are doing. Promote your site's accounts
and your editors' accounts. Cross link everything.
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