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Color, Mood, & Subliminal Perception

PSY 201 Term Project

Becky Newman

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Color, Mood, & Subliminal Perception

Color, Mood, & Subliminal Perception
We are largely unaware of all the stimuli we encounter on a daily basis. Much of this stimuli is presented to us too subtly or too quickly for us to be aware of it.
In subliminal perception, sights, sounds, and other stimuli are processed by our sensory systems, but we don't notice.
Even though we are unaware of everything we’re perceiving, the stimuli we process subliminally can affect our moods and actions.
Advertisers notoriously “sneak “ words, images, colors, etc. into ads in hopes of appealing to our "primal" or subconscious selves.
Can you see the subliminal message in this product?
Disney has proved to be disturbingly adept at sneaking
sexual language and imagery
into its films, perhaps to make their stories more appealing to adults.
The Rescuers
, 1977.
Your Brain on Color
But there’s also an
aspect to how we react to some colors....
Red, for example, tends to
increase your heart rate
Indeed, skin can redden when flushed with anger or panic.
Perhaps this stems from our ancestors' reactions to the sight of
blood or fire
with alarm.
Pink is for girls.
How we feel about and react to certain colors is influenced by
age, gender, culture, race, and other social factors.
Color Associations
Our minds develop
of color based on our experiences. Thus colors can evoke feelings and memories.
Color is an important aspect of visual perception. Often we are not aware of the impact color can have on our consciousness.
Color & Perception
What a beautiful day! I have so much energy!
Today, red is still used to symbolize danger and attract attention.
is a favored color across cultures. It is by far the favorite American color (35%).
The human preference for blue could be a leftover trait from our ancestors, who found places with bodies of water advantageous to their survival.
Water is, after all, the source of all life.
tends to have
a naturally
effect on people.
In 2000, the city of Glasgow, Scotland installed
blue streetlights
in certain neighborhoods.
They subsequently reported (anecdotal)
lowered crime rates
in those same neighborhoods!
Most people feel colors are strongly associated with emotions or states of mind.

Advertisers, interior designers, city planners, and fashion designers choose their colors carefully to impact our feelings and influence our actions, such as what we buy.
Advertisers play on our
ideas about color.
is often employed by advertisers to impact our perception of a product.
Think about it…what comes to mind when you see

Health & vitality?
Many beauty products use green on their packaging to suggest health and vitality.
symbolizes well-being, wealth, & bounty.
My skin is going to be SO HEALTHY!
The tax preparation company H&R Block uses green in their logo and office decor to subtly suggest what they're saving you.
Which of the following is NOT a factor that influences your perception of color?
A. Diet
B. Personal experience
C. Culture
D. Social groups
Emotional Reactions to Color

by Kathy Lamancusa

Colors in Advertising
Colour psychology and Colour Therapy: Caveat Emptor
by Zena O'Connor
‪Color psychology‬
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Be mindful of the ways advertisers & product designers can impact our thinking.
Use your understanding of color's effects on your psyche to your advantage!
Paint a room blue for a calming effect.
Choose a red outfit to attract the attention of your crush.
by Becky Newman
...or don't.
“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ”
-Oscar Wilde
Color Perception & Biology
Subliminal Messages
Subliminal Perception:
Contemorary artist Jenny Holzer displayed this message in Times Square as part of her "Survival" series in 1985.
What do I WANT?
Why did Jenny Holzer display this message to millions of people?
How do advertisements affect what we desire and/or buy?
Does the media BRAINWASH us?
Top 10 Hidden Images Found In Cartoons
By Jamie Frater

Notice anything
about this scene from the Lion King (1994) ?
A Disney spokesperson confirmed the faux-pas in 1999, and 3.4 million copies of the film were recalled.
I'm feeling so much less agitated! Maybe I'll do some yoga instead of breaking into cars
Hmm, why does this beer seem so
(These examples are from a Western perspective.)
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