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Stepping Stones: Building the ATLAS Program

No description

Chris Baker

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Stepping Stones: Building the ATLAS Program

Stepping Stones: Building the ATLAS Program
The "Why"
Question: Why change our YAP Program into the ATLAS Program?

Answer: YAP has evolved into ATLAS
The "When and Where"
School begins August 20th at the MAYC building. Start and end times of the school day are TBA.
The "How"
We are going to be working through the summer to develop the curriculum of the program, to secure vocational sites, and to begin many new community partnerships.
How You Can Help...
DASH Pass or MTD Annual Pass
Community Choices Interview
YMCA Membership
Sign forms regarding photos, lunch, community training, etc.
Be flexible and patient as we develop this program :)
The "What"
What is ATLAS?
Functional Life Skills
Independent Living Skills
Domestic Skills
Community Skills
Vocational Skills
Functional Academics
Recreation and Leisure
Education and Training
The Stephens Center YMCA
Community Choices
HALO Program at HCC
Best Buddies (U of I)
Parkland (campus and programs)
Delta Sigma Omicron
Salt and Light
United Cerebral Palsy
Things to keep an eye out for...
Weekly schedule and calendar of events in community
Handbook for the program
Website development
Possible Facebook account
Transition planning survey and questionnaire

Abrupt transition to adult supports (or lack thereof)
Difficulty disconnecting from high school-aged peers
Loss of peer group when general ed. peers graduate
Lack of community amongst students, families, and advocacy organizations
Program limitations/confines of the school building and schedule
Seven years in same location
Best practices for the domain areas of Functional Life Skills emphasizes Community-Based Instruction
Adult Transition Living and Advocacy Skills

What are the major components to the program?
The "Who"
Who are going to be the staff and what are the roles and responsibilities?
Limitations of YAP
Licia Lukach
Chris Baker
Support Staff
Connie Hoagland
Heather Sabatuk
Stephanie Wheeler
Nolan Leever
Nick Roberts
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